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Where is the Electron Located?

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Where is the Electron Located?

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1 Where is the Electron Located?

2 The Quantum Model of the Atom
Heisenberg uncertainty principle: It is impossible to determine both the position and velocity of an electron or any other particle

3 What is the Address of the Electron?
Principle Quantum Number (n): Indicates the energy level occupied by an electron. Angular Momentum (l): Indicates the shape of the orbital (s,p,d,f,g)

4 Atomic Numbers and Quantum Numbers
Magnetic Quantum Number (m): Indicates the orientation of an orbital around the nucleus. Spin Quantum Number (↓↑): Indicates which way the electron is spinning

5 What are the Rules Governing Electron Configuration?
Aufbau Principle: An electron occupies the lowest energy orbital available Pauli Exclusion Principle: Only two electrons per orbital and they must spin in opposite directions Hund’s Rule: Each orbital of equal energy must have one electron before a second electron is added

6 Let’s Fill Up The Orbitals!

7 Summary of Orbitals Principle Quantum # Sublevels Number of Orbitals
Number of Electrons 1 s 2 s, p 3 8 s, p, d 5 18 4 s, p, d, f 7 32

8 Predicting the 1s Orbital

9 Exceptions to Aufbau

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