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LETS PREPARE FOR OUR MATH OAA TEST Remember some of these test taking strategies!!! Show work!!! Underline important information!!! Cross out ones you.

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2 LETS PREPARE FOR OUR MATH OAA TEST Remember some of these test taking strategies!!! Show work!!! Underline important information!!! Cross out ones you know are not right!!! PROVE TO Yourself the answer is correct, by checking your work!!! Make sure your answer MAKES SENSE!!!

3 1. Camille buys a pair of shoes for $15.95. She gives the clerk $20.00. How much change should Camille receive? O A. $4.00 OB. $4.05 OC. $4.15 OD. $5.05 B. $4.05

4 REMEMBER When you have to make change, you usually have to SUBTRACT. Be Careful, when subtracting Across zero. You will have to borrow!!! TRY THIS: Sara has saved up $15.00 to buy a shirt for $10.25. If Sara gave the clerk, a ten dollar bill and a five dollar bill. How much change will Sara receive? $4. 75

5 2. Ramóns uncle is buying an automobile. He needs to choose an outside color and an inside color. Outside ColorInside Color Blue Gray Red Tan What are all the possible combinations of one outside color and one inside color that he could choose? OA. blue and gray, blue and tan, red and gray, red and tan OB. blue and red, blue and gray, blue and tan, blue and blue OC. gray and tan, red and blue OD. gray and red, gray and blue A.A.

6 REMEMBER When you do combinations, you ??? (shout it out) Multiply!!!!!! If I have 4 shirts and 2 pants. How many Different combinations can I make? 8 combinations

7 3. The bar graph shows the total number of jelly beans that Greta has each day. The pattern for the number of jelly beans will continue. How many jelly beans will Greta have on Friday? O A. 15 O B. 25 O C. 30 O D. 35 B. 25

8 REMEMBER Many times, graphs contain patterns where you have to figure out how much the numbers are increasing or decreasing. Remember to make sure you follow the pattern all the way through until the end to find your answer! La Bron James Scoring against Detroit If the pattern continues, how many points will Le Bron score in the 4th quarter? 15 points

9 4. Two points are shown on the coordinate grid. Plot two more points on the grid so that the four points make a square. Label the new points J and K. What are the coordinates of points J and K? Point J _______________ Point K _______________ J = (2,2) K = (4,4)

10 REMEMBER When locating a point on a coordinate grid, Remember to go over on the x-axis 1st, then up on the y-axis 2nd. Just like taking off in an airplane. You have To get speed on the ground going across, before you can fly up In the air!!!

11 5. Shiloh has 823 pennies. Lester has 988 pennies. How many pennies do Shiloh and Lester have together? OA. 1,701 OB. 1,711 OC. 1,801 OD. 1,811 D. 1,811

12 Dont forget!! When you have a Question about money, always look for key words. How much altogether = Add How much change = Subtract John has 514 dimes. Carrie has 207 dimes. How many dimes do John and Carrie have together? 721dimes

13 Number of muffins Price per Muffins 6 $1.00 12 $0.75 18 $0.60 24 $0.50 6. A bakery offers a special deal when buying muffins. The table shows how the price per muffin changes. Which describes how the price per muffin changes as the number of muffins bought increases? OA. For every 6 muffins bought, the price per muffin decreases by $0.25 O B. For every 6 muffins bought, the price per muffin is halved. OC. For every 6 muffins bought, the price per muffin decreases. OD. For every 6 muffins bought, the price per muffin increases. C.

14 7. Rachels father is filling a small swimming pool. He has a one-cup container and a one-gallon container. Tell which container is more reasonable to use to fill the pool and explain why. The gallon container is more reasonable to use, because it is a bigger unit of capacity, therefore it will take less trips to fill the pool.

15 REMEMBER When comparing units of measurement, the bigger units you need less of and the smaller units you need more of. Put each unit in order from smallest to largest! LENGTH feet, inch, mile, yard= cm, mm, km, m = Weight Ton, ounce, pound = Kg, g = Capacity Fl.oz, gal, pt, qt, c = mL, L = In, ft, yd, mi mm, cm, m, km oz, lb, ton g, kg fl.oz, c, pt, qt, gal mL, L

16 8. Jill has a triangular flag. The flag has a right angle and two acute angles D. right

17 Types of Triangles

18 9. Kimberly has $2.31 in one pocket and $1.94 in another. How much money does Kimberly have in both pockets? OA. $0.37 OB. $1.37 OC. $3.25 OD. $4.25 D. $4.25

19 5 5 5

20 1.Median____A. The most occurring number 2.Mode____B. The difference between the largest number and smallest number 3. Range____C. The number in middle (ordered from least to greatest ) C A B

21 11. Four girls ran in a race. Their times are shown in the table. RunnerTime (seconds) June 12.03 Beth 12.3 Meg 12.033 Sarah 12.303 Which list shows the students times from least time to greatest time? OA. 12.033; 12.03; 12.3; 12.303 OB. 12.03; 12.033; 12.3; 12.303 OC. 12.03; 12.033; 12.303; 12.3 OD. 12.3; 12.03; 12.033; 12.303 B

22 Ordering Decimals Remember: To add zeros to make the same amount of places behind decimal point. Put in order from least to greatest 4.02, 4.002, 4.222, 4.20 13.06, 13.6, 12.999, 13.066 4 4.020, 4.002, 4.222, 4.200 1 23 13.060, 13.600, 12.999, 13.066 1234

23 C

24 Eliminate the ones that are NOT correct!!!! Which statement is false? O.A. Exactly 7 students play soccer only. O.B. Exactly 18 students play basketball. OC. Exactly 8 students play soccer. O.D. Exactly 10 students play basketball only. C. IS FALSE

25 V = L x W x H V = 4 x 2 x 2 C. 16 cubic Units V = 8 x 2

26 22 cm 28 sq. units 24 cubic cm

27 James 1/3 is more than 1/4 because if the numerators are the same, you look at the denominators. The one with the smaller denominator is the larger fraction because you did not divide the pieces up as much, therefore the pieces are bigger.

28 Discuss Eric because 1/5 is greater than 1/7 Lucy because 2 out of 6 is more than 2 out of 8.

29 H. Has a pair of parallel line segments.

30 Show me Parallel!!! Show me Perpendicular!!! Show me intersecting!!!

31 16. Riley is making a pattern with numbers. 3, 12, 21, 30 What is the rule for this pattern? O A. add 3 OB. multiply by 4 OC. add 9 OD. multiply by 10 Remember!!! Continue the pattern…(whats next?) All the way through!!! C. Add 9

32 A number that has only 2 factors. 1 and itself 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 23, 29

33 Tell if Prime or Composite!! composite prime composite prime composite prime Neither 3 20 15 7 9 48 2 2,786,342 1

34 18. Kyle measured an object and found it to be 100 cubic centimeters. Which could Kyle have measured? OA. area of a floor tile OB. height of a stool OC. perimeter of a picture frame OD. volume of a small box D. Volume of a small box

35 Shout it out Remember: Perimeter = is measured in units Area = is measured in square units Volume = is measured in cubic units Dont forget to label! Dont forget to label! Shout it out, again Dont forget to label! 12 ft. 12 sq. ft 12 cubic ft.

36 19. Stamps are sold in rolls of 100 and books of 20. Zoe bought two rolls and eight books of stamps. What is the total number of stamps Zoe bought? You must show work on this one!!! OA. 240 OB. 360 OC. 960 OD. 1,200 B. 360

37 Try another one like that: Dont forget to show work!!! Books are sold in boxes of 25 and pencils in packages of 100. If Miss Rome bought 3 boxes of books and 4 packages of pencils. What is the total number of books AND pencils Miss Rome bought? 475 books and pencils Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

38 Great job problem solving! The expression that shows the number of raisins needed to make ANY number of cookies is = 3n 3 x n


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