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“How can scientists organize data?”

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1 “How can scientists organize data?”
Graphing “How can scientists organize data?”

2 Line Graphs Line graphs show information as a series of points that are joined up to form a line.  The line shows a trend or change over time. 

3 Pie Chart Pie Chart are circle charts used to show percentage or fractions of the whole. The circle of 360 degrees represents the total or 100% of whatever is being looked at. 

4 Bar Graphs Bar graphs show information in the form of a bar or column.  They are useful for comparing quantities.

5 Parts of a Graph Title of Graph Value (Unit) Value (Unit)

6 What can graphs tell us? Errors
An error would show up as a point that was far removed from the other points

7 Predictions By extending the data beyond the last data point, predictions can be made

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