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3/11/2014 1 Wave 2 Redesign Proposal Oakland Unified School District March 11, 2014.

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1 3/11/2014 1 Wave 2 Redesign Proposal Oakland Unified School District March 11, 2014

2 DRAFT V.60b CONFIDENTIAL (3/11/2014) - 2 - All students read and write by the end of 3 rd grade. All students succeed in algebra by the end of 9 th grade. All students graduate prepared to succeed in college and the workplace. All students and adults respect one another and work together across cultures. All employees are high performers. All schools are clean, healthy, and safe. The OUSD Community will ensure that: Year District Goals OUSD students will be caring, competent, critical thinkers with 21 st century literacy, numeracy, and civic participation. College Readiness Cultural Responsiveness & Emotional Security Clean, Healthy, & Safe Learning Environment Accelerated Achievement 5

3 DRAFT V.60b CONFIDENTIAL (3/11/2014) - 3 - State Administrator Financial Services Facilities Information Technology Research & Assessment Adult & Career Education Service OrganizationEducational Leadership Organization Special Ed Family & Community Office CBO Investment Framework CAO MAAP Framework CCA ComPAS Framework Legal Services & Labor Relations Communications ES! Program Mgmt Office Board Secretary Chief of Staff Strategy Group Network Officers Principals Elementary Schools Middle Schools High Schools Board of Education School Portfolio Mgmt Procurement & Distribution Instructional Services Complementary Learning Ops Support Legend Pink=new area, Blue= redesign an existing unit within an area, Yellow= add new unit to existing area, Purple=new reporting relationship CSO Performance Mgt. Framework Attend and Achieve Human Resources Food Services

4 DRAFT V.60b CONFIDENTIAL (3/11/2014) - 4 - Redesign Principles for Wave 2 Align organization with the 5 Year District Goals Design new areas based on customer needs Develop overall organizational design with enough specificity to hire new leaders and allow for further refinements with ongoing feedback of staff and customers. Design efficiency gains to more effectively leverage existing resources. Central office redesign must balance existing resources in the same fiscal year –Cap the number of executive positions –Align development of new positions with job classification and compensation study Focus on Quality Improvement by engaging new leaders and staff to: –Set customer-driven performance metrics for each new area –Develop Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) skills to enable ongoing service improvements and resource efficiencies. Shift from clean sheet redesign which included elimination of all positions to a more targeted approach with less job elimination and more realignment of existing positions and staff.

5 DRAFT V.60b CONFIDENTIAL (3/11/2014) - 5 - Wave 2 Redesign Overview 1.Family & Community Office (CCA) 2.School Portfolio Management Office (CCA/ CAO) 3.Complementary Learning Service Area (CSO) 4.College Affairs Office within Instructional Services (CSO) 5.Special Programs Service Unit within Instructional Services (CSO) 6.Federal and State Compliance Services within Financial Services (CFO) Wave 2 Redesign includes the development of the following new organization units.

6 DRAFT V.60b CONFIDENTIAL (3/11/2014) - 6 - Wave 3 Redesign Wave 3 Redesign units include: 1.Special Education 2.Building and Grounds 3.Food Services 4.Facilities Management

7 DRAFT V.60b CONFIDENTIAL (3/11/2014) - 7 - Family / Community Office: Overview Vision The vision for the Office of Family and Community is to provide comprehensive services to support OUSD families and the community with the goal of outstanding education for every child. The office will empower families to make informed decisions about their schools as advocates, leaders and partners in learning. Customer Students Families Community District Staff 2007-2008 Goals I.Provide learning, support, and services for parents and caregivers including parent education and expanded community partnership development. II.Expand school capacity to create professional learning communities for site based staff utilizing parent liaisons, community coordinators, and outreach consultants. III.Support reduced expulsions and increased enrollment by training 100% of Central Office and Site Administrators in support of the Discipline Hearing Panel rotating administrator model. IV.Provide placement and testing services for parents and facilitate an options process that facilitates parent choice for a quality neighborhood school or a district school option. V.Provide coherent, supportive and comprehensive service for transitional families and students.

8 DRAFT V.60b CONFIDENTIAL (3/11/2014) Director Family & Community Office Placement & Testing Coordinator Testing & Placement Specialists (12) Options Specialist Secondary Placement Specialist (Counselor) Specialist Special Placements Receptionist Principal on Special Assignment DHP Assistant Principal On Special Assignment DHP Secretary DHP Case Manager Coordinator Community & Engagement Family Community Engagement Specialist Family Parent Liaisons (5) District Parent Advisory Specialists (3) Student Engagement Specialist (2) Admin I (1) Translation Specialists (7) Program Manager Transitional Families Transitional Students & Families Specialist (4) Admin II Family & Community Office Placement office will require funds in order to hire administrative consultants during peak times of the year. **One Student Engagement position dedicated to Inside/Outside initiative Heroes OACE Parent Education & Community Based English Tutoring Administrator on Special Assignment CDC Placement SPED Placement

9 DRAFT V.60b CONFIDENTIAL (3/11/2014) - 9 - School Portfolio Management: Overview Vision Every family will have access to at least two quality school options in their neighborhood, and the ability to select from a diverse range of educational options throughout Oakland Customer Strategy Group Network Officers 2007-2008 Goals I. Fully launched Tiered Support & Intervention model II. Redesigned Charter School division of School Portfolio Management III. Strategic decision making processes regarding any adjustments needed within portfolio

10 DRAFT V.60b CONFIDENTIAL (3/11/2014) - 10 - School Portfolio Management Director School Portfolio Management Demographer Coordinator Charter Schools Fiscal Analyst Compliance Specialist Charter Schools Coordinator School Support & Intervention Office ManagerData Analyst (.5) CAO CCA.75.25

11 DRAFT V.60b CONFIDENTIAL (3/11/2014) - 11 - Complementary Learning: Overview Vision All students receive the academic, health, and socio- emotional support necessary to engender academic success and holistic development. Learning takes place in all contexts and doesnt privilege one learning place. The intentional alignment and multiple linkages of complementary learning create the pathways so that all children can succeed. Customers Students preK-12 Families Community District Staff 2007-2008 Goals I.Support a district-wide culture shift to promote the concept of intentionally linking schools with other entities through leadership and staff education. II.Make available a menu of best practice instructional approaches (including pedagogy and content knowledge) and provide it to schools to utilize in extended learning programs. III.Align extended learning curriculum and instruction with school day to reinforce and complement classroom-based learning. IV.Promote kindergarten readiness through curricular alignment and district-wide transition planning and programs. V.Summer school program (transition grades, recovery focus, graduation focus, summer learning loss, enrichment focus, gifted focus)

12 DRAFT V.60b CONFIDENTIAL (3/11/2014) - 12 - EXO Complementary Learning Health Services Coordinator Admin II Central Office Program Mgr (1) Nurses (7.2) SPED Nurses School Site Nurses Program Manager Integrated Support Services Admin I (.5) Case Managers (3) MAA/LEA Community Program Assistant Specialist: Atlantic Philanthropies Supervisor Clinical Behavioral Health Garden Specialist Program Implementation Registered Dietician Nutrition Educator (.5) After School Programs Coordinator Office Manager After School Programs Managers (2) Community School Coordinator SES Program Mgr SES Admin I Early Childhood Education Director ECE Central Staff (19) CDC Sites (35 sites) (395 staff) Enrollment Center (4) Admin II Complementary Learning Service Area

13 DRAFT V.60b CONFIDENTIAL (3/11/2014) - 13 - College Affairs Office: Overview Vision A service organization which promotes a College Going Culture, by leveraging relationships within the local and national community; to ensure that all secondary school students, including those with Alternative Educational needs, have the means, opportunity, and preparation to attend college. Customer Students Families Community Principals 2007-2008 Goals I.Continued development of increased and better services to all secondary school students II.Initiate broad initiatives, from to build more community resources and program options III.Provide increased accountability by capturing and analyzing more data, to track student success and participation in CGC, while increasing access to A-G courses and counseling to both students and families IV.Continued education of students and families around OUSD graduation requirements, Community College options, college application preparation, financial aid and scholarship to-dos, internships and apprenticeship…etc. V.Provide better coordination among service providers, both within and outside of OUSD, including: WASC, AVID, OAL, College Board, College Summit, UC Berkeley, Peralta Community College District, Project SOAR, BUILD, East Bay Consortium, Mills College, CSU East Bay VI.Provide increased and specific assistance to OAL (Oakland Athletic League), to bolster their range of services and breath of programs offered.

14 DRAFT V.60b CONFIDENTIAL (3/11/2014) - 14 - Administrator on Special Assignment Alternative Education Coordinator, Alt. Ed. Teacher Temp. Alt. Placement Instructional Aide TAP Center DHP Case Manger Teacher; SPED (2) Admin Asst II (.5) Counselors (5) ROTC Oakland Athletic League OAL Coordinator OAL Program Assistant College Affairs Office School To Career WASC AVID College Board College Summit Project SOAR BUILD Teacher Home And Hospital Teacher H&H; Childrens Hospital Teacher H&H; Home Program Teacher H&H; Trans. Students

15 DRAFT V.60b CONFIDENTIAL (3/11/2014) - 15 - Special Programs Service Unit within IS: Overview Vision To create and promote positive climate and learning environments for all students and staff by implementing a variety of instructional programs and resources that meets state and federal requirements. Customer School Sites Teachers, Parents, Students 2007-2008 Goals I.Collaborate with New Teacher Support and Development Department on classroom management, training, and support. II.Implement Second Step Violence Prevention curriculum in 32 preschools, 65 elementary schools,and 15 middle schools. III.Implement Too Good for Violence in 8 middle schools IV.Implement Too Good for Drugs and Violence in 9th grade in all high schools V.Improve implementation of middle and high school peer mediation/conflict resolution programs.

16 DRAFT V.60b CONFIDENTIAL (3/11/2014) - 16 - SPECIAL PROGRAMS (Instructional Services) VRP

17 DRAFT V.60b CONFIDENTIAL (3/11/2014) - 17 - Federal and State Compliance Services: Overview Vision To provide compliance across Educational and Service organizations including all Federal and State compliance requirements. This includes Williams Act, NCLB, attendance, instructional minutes, grants and all relevant California Education Code requirements Customer Strategy Group Network Officers Schools 2007-2008 Goals I.Prevent audit findings with questionable costs through development of tools and processes to facilitate effective compliance. II.Monitor and educate District leaders on new and existing compliance issues. III.Provide technical assistance to other key departments in developing necessary Federal and State reports.

18 DRAFT V.60b CONFIDENTIAL (3/11/2014) - 18 - Federal and State Compliance Services CBO EXO Financial Services Director Federal & State Compliance Compliance Program Manager Administrator Categorical Programs Admin I Categorical Programs Service Team Assistant 1 Service Team Assistant II Grants Writer

19 DRAFT V.60b CONFIDENTIAL (3/11/2014) - 19 - Staffing Summary We are creating 50 new positions and eliminating and/or realigning 43 positions. We have modified/ updated 15 positions. 12 Bilingual Testing Clerks and 3 Student Assignment Specialists have been combined into a new unit and will be assigned to new positions in the Family Community Office. Position eliminations include 6 certificated vacancies and 8 classified vacancies/ retirements which reduces the number of employees impacted from 43 to 29, and 15 of these are re-alignments (see point above). All employees whose positions are eliminate are encouraged to apply for new positions, although many have seniority and bumping rights to other positions in the district.

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