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PLAN DEVELOPMENT Effective Planning Leads to Successful Development and Implementation!

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1 PLAN DEVELOPMENT Effective Planning Leads to Successful Development and Implementation!

2 Problem Solving Model

3 Elbow Partner Think about a time you used the PROBLEM SOLVING MODEL in your current assignments or in your life. Comment on The situation How it was effective or ineffective What would you have done differently Share with an elbow partner your findings/comments.

4 Developing a Plan

5 Critical Components of Plan Development Goal Setting Realistic Timelines Available resources (people and materials) Action steps Commitment/buy in (PLC language, effective consultation) Instruction matches operational definition

6 Plan Development = Setting Goal and Timeline Specific Manageable Attainable Results Oriented Time Sensitive SMART GOALS

7 Plan Development: Resources Look at resources available to meet the goal Resource Maps- District resources Portal Resources- GWAEA resources

8 CoreSupplementalIntensive Supports for Instruction foster healthy cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development. Supports for instruction are inherent in the Instructional- Decision Making process which uses multiple strategies to provide supplemental and intensive supports to ensure that children and youth have the full benefit of quality instruction. Family Supports and Involvement promote and enhance the involvement of parents and families members in education. Community Partnerships promote school partnerships with multiple sectors of the community to build linkages and collaborations for youth development services, opportunities, and supports. Safe, Healthy and Caring Learning Environments promote school-wide environments that ensure the physical and psychological well-being and safety of all children and youth through positive youth development efforts and proactive planning for management of emergencies, crises and follow-up. Child/Youth Engagement promotes opportunities for youth to be engaged in and contribute to their communities. Supports for Transitions enhance the schools ability to address a variety of transition concerns that confront children, youth and their families.

9 Resources/Websites Additional Resources available to staff through AEA and Websites Can be found on the BPAL portal regions/documents/Link%20to%20 Teams/Best%20for%20All%20Lear ners/

10 Accessing BPAL Portal 1.AEA Homepage 2.Click on GWAEA Staff 3.Scroll to Team Portals 4.Click on Best Practices for All Learners 5.Click on Plan Development

11 Group Table Time and Talk Pick one area and become familiar with the content in that section. Discuss how these tools would help in developing plans.

12 Action Steps 1) Based on Available Resources 2) Incorporate realistic timelines 3) Determine what is needed to meet goal

13 Commitment All parties: school, family, and community involved in plan need to have buy-in

14 Video Scenario This video demonstrates: The plan development phase of the problem solving model Use of operational definitions and diagnostic questions Collaboration between AEA and LEA partners

15 Video Scenario Use of the Analyzing Student Work Process Team consensus building and commitments Allocation of teacher resources in the IDM process

16 Operational Definitions and Diagnostic Questions VIDEO Video Outline

17 Operational Definitions and Diagnostic Questions Activity 1.Identify the operational definition. 2.List three diagnostic questions that were used. 3.State three things you saw that were ah has for you.

18 Action Steps and Resources VIDEO Video Outline

19 Action Steps and Resources Activity Identify two action steps from the video List resources listed or discussed in the video

20 Timelines, Resource Map, Commitment and Buy Ins VIDEO Video Outline

21 Timelines, Commitment and Buy-In Activity List the timelines that were developed in the video How did the participants get commitment or buy in?

22 Role Play Activity Develop a Plan based on the scenario: 1)Set Goal and Timeline 2)Determine Resources 3)Develop Action Steps 4)Plan for Buy-in

23 Wrap Up 1-5 scale handed out – teams will rate themselves (PRE) and rate again at next regional meeting (POST). As a team, determine one area of plan development you will work on

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