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Welcome to GWAEA and the Central Region! Occupational Therapists – Carole Martin (NE Region) Megan Baker (SW/IC Regions) SSW – Heather Blackmore (LinnMar)

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1 Welcome to GWAEA and the Central Region! Occupational Therapists – Carole Martin (NE Region) Megan Baker (SW/IC Regions) SSW – Heather Blackmore (LinnMar) Special Education Consultant – Sheryl Yates (College) SLPs – Nancy Almasi (College) Lindsey Fisher (College) Aimee Streicher (EA – College and Marion) Becca Wright (College) Patty Sebetka (College)

2 Orientation to EVALUATION PROCEDURES August 2010

3 Purposes Provide clear performance expectations Increase professional learning Increase student learning Enhance job performance Continuous improvement system Article 6, pp7-10

4 Evaluation Cycles Contracted Induction Cycle, Development Cycle, and Assistance Cycle Classified Orientation, Continuous Growth, and Assistance Cycle

5 Induction Cycle Components First 2-3 years of employment Professional Development Performance Review Standards and Criteria

6 Development Cycle Components Professional Development Annual Review Professional Development Plan Performance Review (3 yr cycle) Two conferences, on-site visit Evidence of Standards New or revised Prof Dev Plan

7 Assistance Cycle Collaborative Level Directed Level

8 Continuous Growth - Classified For new staff, initial growth targets identified during first few months of employment. For all staff, progress on targets scheduled for annual review, at which time targets for next annual cycle are also identified.

9 Evaluation Documents- Classified Professional Growth Reporting Form To be completed and filed with HR Office on or before April 15 each year

10 Evaluation Documents- Contracted Induction Cycle Evaluation Summary Development Cycle Annual Review Year PD Plan Annual Review New PD Plan Performance Review (every 3 years) PD Plan Annual Review Evaluation Summary New PD Plan

11 On-Line Manual Evaluation documents, working documents, and tools can be found on the staff portal:

12 Access to Evaluation Documents Notified within 20 days when HR receives evaluation documents Within 20 days of notice, may submit a written response Contact HR to review contents of personnel file

13 Standards 1. Support for and implementation of LEA and AEA goals 2. Knowledge of discipline, content and profession 3. Planning, preparing, and organization 4. Aligning services with multiple needs 5. Data collection, analysis, and monitoring 6. Interpersonal skills, effective communication, and collaboration skills 7. Ongoing professional growth 8. Professional conduct

14 Job Descriptions Common core components apply across all Contracted Staff positions Job Summary Partners with educators, families and communities to provide effective learning environments for all students. Helps ensure success for all learners

15 Job Descriptions Essential Functions Supports efforts to create positive learning environment Serves as a liaison with various teams Models, implements and assesses strategies related to learning, social, emotional and behavioral needs

16 Job Descriptions Essential Functions, contd Provides support related to rules and laws Integrates research into practice Consults regarding best educational practices Follows policies of DE, GWAEA Develops and maintains proper documentation

17 Job Descriptions Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Communicates effectively Functions as effective team member Demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness to changing needs Integrates theory, research and expertise in practice and services Demonstrates effective presentation and facilitation skills

18 Job Descriptions Knowledge, Skills and Abilities, contd Uses data to make decisions Knows best practices in curriculum, instruction and assessment Knows applicable educational rules and laws Reads and interpret documents, writes reports and correspondence, and applies appropriate mathematical concepts Uses and integrates technology daily

19 Job Descriptions Additional Responsibilities Participates in projects, committees Demonstrates self-discipline and initiative Conveys positive and professional image Handles information in a confidential manner Pursues professional growth opportunities

20 Standards and Job Descriptions Get with a partner Choose one category on your Job Description Identify the standard(s) that connect to these elements.

21 Job Descriptions Descriptions also include components unique to each job category Job descriptions for Contracted and Classified Staff are available online at

22 Acknowledgement Acquainted with Job description Evaluation procedure Evaluation documents Standards and criteria (contracted staff) Sign and date Return today


24 2010-2011 Key Focus Areas Management Retreat Presentation August 2, 2010

25 Agency Mission To ensure success for all learners

26 Agency Goals Increase the percent of students who perform at the proficient level Increase the academic performance of all students Increase student acquisition and application of 21 st century skills and knowledge

27 What is a Strategic Priority? GWAEA defines a strategic priority as an area of focus to meet the agency vision, mission and goals. Agency actions and projects originate from the strategic priorities, which emerged from the LOFT process.

28 What are Key Focus Areas? Areas of importance determined through current research, state initiatives, and stakeholder feedback. A key focus area is identified on the grounds that they are of great strategic importance for GWAEA, are developed for a predetermined period of time, and provide the opportunity for managers and staff to become involved in them.

29 Remember: You might not see specific disciplines mentioned in the key focus areas, i.e., speech/language pathology, printing, early childhood. This work is still important and critical to the success of Grant Wood AEA and will continue.

30 Strategic Priority 1 Develop and use data systems that will measure the impact of decisions and actions KEY FOCUS AREAS: 1) Implement key PowerSchool modules 2) Implement professional development measurement system 3) Implement general education plan

31 Expected Outcome Staff have access to and use real-time data about student and adult learning to make decisions about services and activities.

32 Strategic Priority 2 Utilize resources efficiently and effectively KEY FOCUS AREAS: 1) Sell/purchase facilities to improve the functionality and efficiency of Agency facilities 2) Implement technology that results in efficient & effective learning and communication

33 Expected Outcome Changes in structures, processes and procedures that increase the efficiency of staff and maximizes services

34 Strategic Priority 3 Advance learning, innovation and creativity KEY FOCUS AREAS: 1) Establish structures that support innovation 2) Utilize and expand online learning opportunities 3) Increase staff knowledge & skills necessary to influence change 4) Identify and standardize practices that increase the academic performance of all students

35 Expected Outcome Increased access to and participation in learning and innovative opportunities

36 Strategic Priority 4 Develop integrated, customized solutions KEY FOCUS AREAS: 1) Implement virtual reality labs in districts 2) Continue to explore and/or expand innovative programs with community partners

37 Expected Outcome Increased community, LEA and statewide partnerships

38 Strategic Priority 5 Implement effective service delivery KEY FOCUS AREAS: 1) Implement SE Behavior team 2) Implement SE Literacy team 3) Explore full-release mentoring with LEA partners

39 Expected Outcome Implementation of research based programs with evidence of increased student performance in literacy and behavior

40 How does your PD plan align? Choose a partner and share the goals of your PD plan. What has been your progress and/or learnings so far? How has this learning been shared or applied? How does this PD plan align with the 2010- 2011 Strategic Priorities and Key Focus Areas?

41 How does your PD plan align? What might you need to change in your PD plan to align with the 2010-2011 Strategic Priorities and Key Focus Areas? Talk to your supervisor about the changes you would like to make. We will be revisiting and reflecting on the connections throughout this year.

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