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By: Robby Husbands, Clay Willis, & Xavier Johnson.

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1 By: Robby Husbands, Clay Willis, & Xavier Johnson

2 Transformed economy North started getting industrial South farmed cotton Both North and South went through reconstruction Changed social interaction between people Whites segregated black people Groups formed such as the KKK or Klu Klux Klan

3 North Positive Slavery was demolished Economy strived Factories created more jobs South Negative Left towns in ruins Destroyed farms, factories and many roads Economy did not work Farms relied on slave labor Not enough labor Left 4,000,000 people without homes, jobs, and food

4 Good Got Rights Got Freed They were able to try and reunited with their families They did not get abused anymore Could start own farms Bad Segregated No money to do what they wanted No food, shelter, or jobs Whites got better education Did not have enough money to start own farms Did not have an education

5 Good Whites got better treatment then black people Better public facilities The Cotton Gin Factories create jobs Better schools Better Jobs Bad Bad things were mainly in the south No more slaves meant less money Do own farm labor or pay for the farm labor

6 Important Vocabulary Industrial-having many highly industries Segregated- having racist bias against once race. Depression-a period when there is world wide economic depression and mass unemployment

7 There were racial groups in the time These groups did all they could to lessen the rights of blacks They also tortured them and mocked them They wanted to show that whites were still the superior race at the time The KKK was a main black hating group They shot at blacks, burned their house, and lynched black families

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