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1 Previews of Coming Attractions 606 CMR 7.00. 2 Our Mission The Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care provides the foundation that supports.

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1 1 Previews of Coming Attractions 606 CMR 7.00

2 2 Our Mission The Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care provides the foundation that supports all children in their development as lifelong learners and contributing members of the community, and supports families in their essential work as parents and caregivers.

3 Licensed Capacity 6, 8 or 10 children Includes: household members younger than school age Home schooled children; Children younger than ten when present more than 3 consecutive hours on 5 consecutive days Every person present under the age of 14 who is not a household member During overnight care, every person under age 18 3

4 4 New locations of care! Dwelling must include complete living facilities (sleeping, eating, cooking & sanitation) May be unoccupied, if: On same property as single family residence Other side of your duplex residence In triple decker where you reside

5 Confidentiality 5 No matter how cute or funny, NO PHOTOS on public websites without parents permission.

6 Suspension or Termination 6 Specific reasons why (in writing) Conditions for return, if any

7 Transitions 7 Assist the child in a way she can understand Share information with next program (with parents permission)

8 Record Keeping (for licensee and all assistants) Qualifications Health records Orientation, training, professional development Drivers license 8

9 Childrens Records 9 Parents may: Add information Request removal of information Get copies (at a reasonable cost)

10 Welcoming All Children 10 1.Accept applications 2.Gather & consider information 3.Identify accommodations 4.Make a decision 5.Inform parents in writing (within 30 days)

11 Postings Call 911*, your phone number & address Poison Control Number Name & phone number of Emergency Back-up Person Emergency Medication List Allergies / emergency medical information Current License 11 *If using a land line. If using a cell phone, post local emergency numbers.

12 Notifications to EEC Medication error: wrong med or emergency treatment Law Enforcement Activity Response by Fire Department IRS Action Motor Vehicle Accident Intent to Close Join a FCC System Expose a child to lead poisoning 12 (in addition to current requirements)

13 Interactions Must Support: Self-esteem Self-expression Autonomy Social competence School readiness 13

14 Interactions Are: Warm Attentive Consistent Courteous Respectful 14

15 Interactions Promote: Appropriate expression of emotions Childrens efforts and accomplishments Opportunities for choice Language development, conversations Cooperation Self-control 15

16 Effective Communication With every child With parents (regardless of native language or other communication impairments) With emergency personnel

17 Your curriculum must: Be well-balanced Include planned learning experiences Support: problem solving critical thinking communication social skills relationship building 17

18 Your curriculum must include goals in… English language arts Mathematics Science and technology History / social science Comprehensive health The arts 18

19 Your curriculum must include: Good health Proper nutrition Personal safety 60 minutes of physical activity daily Time for reading (individually or in groups) 19

20 Your curriculum must: Include free choice time Explore cultural, social and individual diversity 20

21 Transitions Must Be: Safe Predictable Unhurried Flexible 21

22 Progress Reports For All Children Frequency depends on age of child Based on observation of childs work Address all developmental domains 22 See samples at

23 Impact Absorbing Use Zones 23 Inches of Loose-fill material Protects to fall height 9Shredded/ recycled rubber 10 feet 9Sand 4 feet 9Pea gravel 5 feet 9Wood mulch 7 feet 9Wood chips 10 feet Must be installed under and around all newly- installed swings, slides, climbers, and other elevated equipment

24 Parent Handbook Required Care schedule Fees Child guidance plan Exclusion policies Procedures for meeting potential emergencies Policies regarding medication 24

25 Lead Paint Disclosure 25 Notify parents at enrollment: Risks of lead poisoning (provided by DPH) Statement regarding lead paint on premises (form provided by EEC)

26 Notification to Parents in Advance Change in educators Change in program policy or procedure Introduction of pets Herbicides or pesticides Presence of a firearm Changes in household composition People regularly on the premises 26 Existing notifications of injuries, first aid, abuse, neglect, and communicable diseases are still required.

27 Licensing in Massachusetts Child Growth and Development Child Guidance Curriculum & Materials Creating a Safe Environment Emergency Preparedness Medication Administration Administrative Responsibilities Professionalism 27 New Orientation Required 5 hours for family child care licensees 2 hours for regular assistants, group & school age educators

28 Maximum = 12/24 28 No educator may regularly provide care to children for more than 12 hours in any 24 hour period

29 Professional Development Work less than 25 hours / year, none required Work more than 25 hours / year, but less than 10 hours / week = 5 hours per year Work more than 10 hours / week = 10 hours per year 29 1/3 must address diverse learners

30 New Training Required 30 Medication administration Sound nutrition Choking hazards

31 Constant Observation 31 Direct visual supervision for the first six weeks in care for children younger than 6 months old

32 No Smoking, No Drinking 32 By anyone on the premises during child care

33 Oral Health 33 Tooth brushing must be offered whenever a child: Is in care more than four hours Consumes a meal in care

34 Identification 34 Children must carry the providers name, address and phone number whenever they are off the child care premises.

35 Swimming Protections Parental consent for home pool use Second person on premises Pool pump shut-off person Life guard if off-site 35

36 Emergency Plans 36 How to obtain advice from local authorities about Evacuating or Sheltering-in- Place How to reach parents How to be sure that no child is left behind (In addition to current requirements )

37 Hand Washing Children: before eating or handling food and before water play after toileting or diapering, contact with bodily fluids, handling caged animals or equipment, water play Educators: before and after medication administration, cleaning tasks, handling trash 37

38 Occasional Evening or Overnight Care 38 Same floor level as children Remain awake until they sleep Be available to assist

39 Regular Evening and Overnight Care Written plan with details of evacuation procedures Number and ages of children Floor plan Separate boys / girls rooms No caring for more than 12 hours in 24 39

40 Nutrition Follow parents advice about Food Allergies Vitamins No expired foods Provide menus, on request Document feeding schedule for infants Interact with children while eating Offer alternative activities when finished 40

41 Transportation Plan for each child required Regular transport to/from school requires 7D license & vehicle Verify insurance, registration and drivers license 41

42 Resources for Compliance Regulations Questions and Answers Resource Packets, including Technical Assistance Papers, Tools, Sample Forms and Training in: Positive Interactions Progress Reports Curriculum Health and Safety And more to come! See:

43 New Regulation Training! Multiple meetings in late fall, 2009 E-training through EEC website Additional training through R&Rs, CPCs, systems, and other resources

44 Questions? Western MA Region:413-788-8401 Erin Craft, Regional Director Eric Lieberman, Educator/Provider Support Central MA Region:508-798-5180 Donna Cohen-Avery, Regional Director Annette Lamana, Educator/Provider Support Northeast Region: 978-681-9684 Tom Marino, Regional Director Susan Fletcher, Educator/Provider Support Metro Boston Region: 617- 472-2881 Alina Lopez, Regional Director Southeast Region: 508-828-5025 Mike Avery, Regional Director Gail Perry, Educator/Provider Support or Phil Baimas, Director of Workforce Development 617-988-7823 44

45 Thank you for your attention! 45

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