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Scientific Methods – Chapter 1. A little confusing!

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1 Scientific Methods – Chapter 1

2 A little confusing!

3 Nature of Science A. Science is tentative – it is subject to change B. Science is subjective – while science attempts to be objective, and is perhaps more objective than other ways of knowing, it is still a process designed by humans, and is therefore biased by human perception.

4 Nature of Science C. Science is creative – scientists cant see molecules with the naked eye, so they have to be creative! D. Science is empirically based – it is based in physical evidence, or empirical data. E. Science is socially and culturally based – scientists are part of their culture, and that determines their science (think stem cell research!)

5 Nature of Science F. Science is based on observations and inferences: 1. Observations – something that is just observed. No attempt is made to EXPLAIN. 2. Inferences – attempts to explain, or infer WHY something happens. G. Science is based on theories and laws – what is the difference between the two?

6 Nature of Science 1. A Law is something universally observable – you can reproduce the event anywhere you go. Mathematical description 2. A Theory is something universally testable – it is an explanation for the Law that seems to be a good explanation anywhere you go. Offers and explanation of phenomena

7 Independent vs Dependent Independent – (variable you are changing) this should be the only thing affecting the experiment Dependent – you have no control over this The one you are measuring

8 Qual vs Quantitative Qualitative – information that describes how something looks, feels, smells… Dealing with 5 senses Quantitative – how much was involved Involves a numerical value with a unit

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