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By: Nicole Maiterth, Femke Paanakker, Courtney Huston

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1 By: Nicole Maiterth, Femke Paanakker, Courtney Huston
Gender Expectations By: Nicole Maiterth, Femke Paanakker, Courtney Huston

2 Workplace Setting in the 1930’s
In the early 1920 women were allowed to work, and get the equal amount of pay as men. At this time women also had the right to vote. Most of the women workers were of African- American descent. Many were expected to be house wife's, mothers, and taking care of the children. Most men worked, more men were expected to work than women. Men could have higher jobs and positions than women that were in the workforce.

3 The Great Depression In the great depression the southern economy lacked resources, This cause people to loose jobs.And the south had an unhealthy market. During the great depression the white people used the black people as slaves. They took them away from there normal life’s to be slaves.

4 Free Time In the free time the women did charity work to help the great depression. The popular culture would also go to the movies on a none work night. Some of the popular films were, Wizard of oz, Superman, Gone with the wind. Technology became more advanced Rich families would listen to the commercials and the newest product was tea bags, which women were found of. In the radio business became popular and started to employ more people.

5 Younger Boys and Girls Girls were expected to wear dresses and often played with dolls. It was okay for boys to fight but not girls. Neither boys or girls could use cuss words. Etiquette was an important part of the southern culture. Such as opening doors for ladies. Children as young a worked in factories, canneries, and farms.

6 Clothing of southern people
Men: Men wore high waisted pants, upper class males would wear hats. They used different hem lengths for the different times of the day. Women: Mostly dresses, long or short. Big long cotes where common among upper class women. Some where strictly dressed with long skirts or shirts that went up to the neck.                 

7 Vocabulary Home maker- A woman who is a mother and takes care of the house and children. They do things such as cooking cleaning. Good family- The dad worked, and the mom was a home maker. They would most of the time also have a maid to help the family. Canneries- A place where they can food or supplies. Feminism- Supporting equal rights of males and females. The Great Depression- A decade of world economic crisis right before world war II

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