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Cuba Americas Backyard?. Teddy Roosevelt – Rough Rider.

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1 Cuba Americas Backyard?

2 Teddy Roosevelt – Rough Rider

3 Fulgencio Batista: Our Man in Havana

4 Cuba: Where Rumba is King and Batista is Boss

5 U.S. Sugar Interests in Cuba U. S. investments $50 million in 1896 $160 million 1906 $205 million in 1911 $1.2 billion in 1923 ¾ Sugar Industry

6 Triumph of the Revolution 1959

7 Redistribute the land Eliminate the large estates Give land to poor peasants Give land to the State Socialist Economy

8 Nationalize the Means of Production Industries that were previously foreign owned are nationalized Payment plans for countries

9 So close

10 Before the Bay of Pigs US anti-Castro leaflet campaigns US bombing of Cuban sugar fields US economic embargo on Cuba US CIA trains Cuban exiles to attack Cuba

11 Bay of Pigs Disaster for US, JFK and the CIA Pushed Castro and Cuba closer to the USSR. Cuba feels threatened.

12 Cuban Missile Crisis

13 CMC Grows out of Bay of Pigs Motives for Khrushchev: a. Importance of Cuba as symbol b. Nuclear balance c. Fear of U.S. aggression

14 Results and Significance of Cuban Missile Crisis US takes Jupiter missiles out of Turkey; USSR takes missiles out of Cuba Castro is really mad!!! People thought Khrushchev lost, because he had to take missiles out of Cuba, but nobody knew that missiles in Turkey were taken out by the US Established a hot line for US-USSR urgent communication US agrees to never invade Cuba again!

15 Long-term significance of CMC Mutual understanding of the dangers in the world we live in. Contributed to arms control agreements

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