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Social Studies Curriculum Something for Everyone!.

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1 Social Studies Curriculum Something for Everyone!

2 Political Action Seminar An elective offered to juniors and seniors who want to gain direct experience in politics active citizenship. Requirements: –Self-motivated –Self-directed –Able to work well with others in groups –LOVE politics –LOVE project-based learning –LOVE interacting with adults and working in the community on a professional level

3 Political Action Seminar offers: Model United Nations Mock Trial Youth and Government Junior State of America

4 History of Western Civilization -- Elective Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors Approach is Conceptual/Thematic/ Chronological The key question is: –How does what we study connect to/ affect/ influence who we are as 21 st century Westerners and Americans? What we do in class –Read and write –Primary source analysis –Discussions and Debates –Socratic Seminars –Role Plays –Projects

5 Major Concepts and Topics studied and Chronology Civilization Legal Codes Power/Authority Civilized War World View Forms of government: Monarchy, Oligarchy, Tyranny, Democracy Feudalism Conservative vs. Liberal Reform and Revolution Absolutism Kleptocracy Republics and Empires Individualism vs. Communalism Course begins with pre- history, covers the Ancient Near East, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, the European Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Reformation, and continues into the Enlightenment.

6 This course is for you if... You are interested in history, especially the History of Western Europe You would like to find out where many American ideals and values originate You would like to develop your own perfect civilization You would like to consider some of the big questions. –What is the best form of government? –Is democracy real or a façade? –Why should laws be written down? Why should we obey them? –Whos more violent, the ancient Romans or modern Americans? –Whats the role of women in _____? –Was Alexander really great?

7 AP European History-- Elective Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors Complete and submit an application; This course is a college-level examination of European History from 1450 to the present This course provides you with the only opportunity to study this much European history in high school –16 different countries, 550 years!

8 What are the benefits of taking this course? If you earn a 3 or better on the AP exam, you could earn college credit You will become a better writer and stronger readerif you work hard! Youll learn lots of history You will be able to make sophisticated and witty conversation at parties Youll get to see really cool and amazing works of European art You will understand Ms. Paxsons reference to the Luddites You will finally understand what existentialism is all about Youll understand the international section of the newspaper better Youll know more about Europe than 96.8% of all Americans and 98.3% of all American politicians You will better understand every Monty Python skit and movie Action figures!

9 You should take this course if… You love history You really want to challenge yourself You want to work hard and feel a sense of accomplishment come May 10, 2008 You want to better understand yourself, America and Western Europe You want to get a head start on college credit

10 Special Topics in Social Studies The Social Studies Department offers rotating seminars on a variety of topics. Each year a new topic will be introduced. Planned courses include Men and Women in Society, African History, Latin American History, Globalization, Military History, World Politics, and the History of 20 th Century Popular Music. The course is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

11 Men and Women in American Society is a social studies course open to sophomores, juniors and seniors meant to examine the social and biological construction of gender, gender differences and gender inequity. The class will approach the field of gender studies through a series of selected but interrelated topics. Each unit will present a problem or question of study to be studied through class lecture/discussion, class readings and/or original research.

12 Constitutional Law I Semester-long elective – Open to juniors and seniors

13 What is the class about? Learn about the Bill of Rights and debate current issues covering presidential power during wartime, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. Learn about the foundations of the Constitution and the struggles to make its promises a reality. Play current events game!

14 PSYCHOLOGY Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. ~Carl Jung Psychology is a swiftly evolving, integrated study of the mind, the brain and behavior. Psychology is both academic and applied. Psychology is a valuable area of study for all students, having practical applications in all careers and within our daily lives. Whether youre planning a career in psychology, or simply want to learn more about your behavior and that of others…then, this is one of the most enlightening and intriguing classes available. OPEN TO JUNIORS AND SENIORS

15 PSYCHOLOGY Personality Learning Sensation & Perception Thinking Intelligence Sleep/Dreams Our journey will include stops at the following destinations… Memory Motivation & Emotion Stress & Health Life Development Theories & Methods Psychological Disorders Treatments & Therapies "The actuality of thought is life." -- Aristotle

16 PSYCHOLOGY Psychology is a highly interactive course, including: observations experiments think tanks interviews simulations presentations role playing film studies discussions debates and more… One of the most rewarding features of our class is the remarkable spectrum of viewpoints that students share, on a wide range of topics – all conducted within a safe, encouraging and tolerant environment. I look forward to seeing you in class next year!

17 Open to juniors and seniors Sociology is the social science that deals with human relationships. It is the study of how we as individuals relate to others and how our individual behavior has been influenced and shaped by the people and groups we surround ourselves with. The emphasis is on group relationships and total social environments.

18 Continued The sociologist will show us how, that like a chameleon in nature, we tend to adapt and blend into the various societies we inhabit and try to make sense of those surroundings. This is the introductory course into sociology and will focus on broader sociological concepts.

19 Cultural anthropology is the study of human beings as creatures and creators of society. This course aims to demonstrate how the basic concepts and techniques developed by cultural anthropologists help us to understand societies of various degrees of complexity, including our own. We will consider topics such as language, kinship, gender, ethnicity, economics, politics, religion and social change in a broad comparative framework. Open to juniors and seniors

20 Major goals are an increased awareness of the social and cultural dimensions of human experience; the diversity and flexibility of human cultures; and processes of intercultural communication and conflict. Emphasis will be on understanding each culture from its own point of view rather than from our own.

21 AP US Government Senior-only elective that looks at the philosophy, structure and law of the federal government. The class includes: –Daily current events discussions –A Supreme Court simulation –A college-level experience as part of your high- school career –The potential for college credit

22 A sample of what AP Gov covers The use of formal logic in examining modern debates. An examination of political philosophy ranging from Aristotle and Plato to Locke and Hobbes. The debates of the founding fathers and how those discussions created a system that was purposely complicated and inefficient. An analysis of civil rights and civil liberties that includes a discussion of student rights, sexual harassment law, the USA Patriot Act, and other hot-button legal issues.

23 How do I get into AP Government? Take application and introductory letter Complete application and give it to social studies teacher by Friday, February 23. Forecast for the class as you would normally

24 Advanced Constitutional Law (We The People team) A semester-long course that prepares a team in the fall to compete in the annual We The People competition. The We The People competition is a guiding discussion/debate between a team of students and a panel of judges. These judges are usually attorneys, college professors, judges, elected officials, lobbyists and educators. The team is divided into six sub-teams that focus on some element of political philosophy, constitutional law, citizenship, American history, or international politics.

25 How do I get into Adv. Con Law 1.You need to apply to get into AP Government. To be on the Con Law team you must also be taking AP Government. 2.Talk to either Mr. Censoni, Ms. Wolfe- Rocca or Mr. Koepping about the expectations and workload of the team

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