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1 EEC Information Technology (IT) Systems: Status of Work.

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1 1 EEC Information Technology (IT) Systems: Status of Work

2 Information Technology (IT) Goals ITs goal is to empower EEC to fulfill its mission of supporting all children in their development as lifelong learners and contributing members of the community, and supports families in their essential work as parents and caregivers The EEC IT Unit works to provide technology solutions, including: On-line communications and information about EECs work Automated and simplified business processes Saving time and money Providing fiscal accountability methods 2

3 3 Posted Unified System (US) RFR for Financial Assistance Component (child and provider management) to secure vendor to start in April 2011 In the interim, we are deploying on-line transition applications. These systems comply with principles and goals of the US Background Record Check: January 2009 Professional Qualifications Registry: June 2010 (33K registrants) Quality Rating and Improvement System: January 2011 Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Waiting List System: to be rolled out April 2011 (secured vendor Sept. 2010) Grants Management System: to be rolled out July 2011 (in collaboration with ESE) Where We Are Now

4 4 ARRA Funded COTS Waiting List System Purpose: To provide on-line waiting list system for all EEC financial assistance programs (Income Eligible, DCF, DTA and Head Start) Activities: Kinder Wait, Control Tec Product, selected in September Currently in design and development Rollout April 2011 Benefits: Prevent duplicate family entry Allows family on-line screening of eligibility; can also apply on-line Allows on-line look up of parent status Extensive reporting facilitates supply and demand projections for all programs

5 5 Procurement of Services Grants tracking will be provided by a statewide, on-line grants software, procured by ESE for use by all agencies integrated with the US The Unified System: The Four Components 5 Professional Development Thread The QRIS, Professional Qualifications Registry are already deployed as transition applications. Financial Assistance Thread- This is the focus of RFR currently posted Licensing, Monitoring, and Support Thread In 2009, we replaced a paper- based BRC system with an on-line app that also allowed direct exchanges of child abuse perpetrator information with DCF The unified system has 4 basic components or threads. The overall goal is to implement web-based tools to support the improvement of business processes for EECs Professional Development, Financial Assistance, and Licensing, Monitoring, and Support.

6 6 Early Childhood Information System (ECIS) ECIS defines and manages underlying data structures and data integrity for all IT activities, to insure Analytical and reporting needs can be met both from legacy and new systems as they become available As we sunset legacy applications, US components will feed into ECIS Longitudinal information about positive child outcomes can be derived from ECIS EEC is empowered to develop early childhood programming based on data, not qualitative information Activities November Strategic Planning Institute defines structure, data sources Working to secure data exchanges with other agencies and organizations Defining ECIS data model (to finish in March) Develop RFQ in May to build ECIS

7 Getting From Here to There PCG Team Architect Application DBA ECIS Leads End User Access to new Apps and Reporting Analytics & reporting Transaction Data Daily Operations Legacy Transition (Registry, Waitlist QRIS) Unified System Integrated Transaction Systems Integrated Staff Unified Systems Transitional Systems Legacy Assists Implements & Supports Future Executive Agency and IT Management & Priorities Populates

8 8 Next Steps and Time Line FY2011 February: Evaluate US RFR responses (due 2/22) Complete ECIS data model March:Testing and data conversion for COTS Waitlist system April:US vendor starts; CCIMS re-design COTS WL system deployed May:RFQ for ECIS June:Renewal component for PQ Registry deployed FY2012On-line financial assistance system replaces CCIMS (summer), eCCIMS (fall)

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