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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer By Mark Twain. Contacts of Presenters Jan Cederquist 1-800-723-8459 ext. 3987 Tiffany Vaughn.

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1 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer By Mark Twain

2 Contacts of Presenters Jan Cederquist 1-800-723-8459 ext. 3987 Tiffany Vaughn 334-683-6411 Pat Ryan 205-226-3615

3 Components of The Big Read: Alabama Reads Overview of The Big Read Partnerships PR and materials Programming Resources Continuation of Alabama Reads

4 Where to Start? The Big Read: creating a nation of readers! The Big Read is an initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) in partnership with the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and Arts Midwest.

5 Why the Big Read? Designed to promote reading for pleasure -- to influence readers, non- readers, and reluctant readers alike Introduce or revisit classics in literature To supply a venue of communication in local communities

6 Why The Adventures of Tom Sawyer? On the NEA selected book list No Alabama public library has used it yet On school reading lists Promotes the idea of community which is a very important aspect of The Big Read Old favorite!

7 Statewide organization Alabama divided into 9 regions and applied for 9 grants Designed to make it easier to communicate, plan, and partner with local area as well as on a statewide level. Regional Project Coordinators in each region will coordinate events and assist the public libraries in their regions

8 When Will This Take Place? The Statewide Committee selected February through April of 2010 for statewide marketing campaign Individual communities can select the best time and length for their events whether a two week program, a three month program or something in-between

9 Participating Public Libraries Participation is voluntary Each public library participating is required to offer at least two programs: Kick-off Event Book Discussion

10 Contact Your Local Public Library Please partner with your local public library. If any problems arise or your local public library is not participating, contact the Regional Project Coordinator covering your county. If all else fails, then email or call Jan Cederquist, Tiffany Vaughn, or Pat Ryan

11 Regional Project Coordinators Contact List Available at the Statewide Big Read WIKI site: List of all public libraries and contact information on APLS website

12 Statewide partners Alabama Public Libraries Alabama Public Library Service (APLS) Alabama Center for the Book New South Books Alabama School Media Specialists

13 Public Relations (PR) Statewide Strategies/Events to Promote the Program: New South Books book distribution next week Legislative participation, Governors participation Alabama Book Festival

14 In Order to Reach Reluctant Readers News releases Media alerts Feature stories Facebook Twitter Blogs Podcasts You Tube Website

15 Student Participation Engage schools, colleges, and universities Student participation in as many schools as possible Statewide Poetry Contest

16 NEA Promotional Materials Provided to Participating Public Libraries (share with community): Bookmarks Posters Readers Guides (English and Spanish) Teachers Guides PSAs Graphics Teachers Appreciation Certificates

17 Alabama Reads Materials Addition materials: Statewide marketing campaign Promotional materials for use by public libraries at their events Book bags and T-shirts for purchase from public libraries Other promotional materials to support the Alabama Big Read program

18 Programming What can you do in the schools? Classroom Participation School Library Activities Faculty Reading Group Mentoring Program Sponsor a Public Event

19 Classroom participation Read the book as part of a class assignment Projects: Elementary – storytime, coloring pages Middle – literature fair, poetry contest High School – Statewide poetry contest, writing contest, art contest As simple as you want to make it – a simple version of painting the fence with a coloring page on the reverse side Select one chapter to read and discuss. Email a chapter to all students.

20 Classroom Projects World Book Online ebooks/full-text of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (statewide paid subscription provided by APLS) Mark Twain house online ork.shtml (homework help and biography and reference help) ork.shtml 2 week curriculum provided by NEA

21 STATEWIDE POETRY CONTEST Sponsored by individual schools Junior Division (5 th – 6 th Grades) Senior Division (7 th – 8 th Grades) May submit one poem, must be original, unpublished, inspired by the book, no longer than 50 lines

22 How Does the Contest Work? Each school will hold its own contest and select the top three (3) poems in each division. School winners will proceed to Regional contest where the top three (3) poems in each division are selected Regional winners will proceed to the Statewide contest where the top (3) poems in each division are selected. The 6 finalists will perform at the Alabama Book Festival next March where the state winners will be announced!

23 NEA WEBSITE Information about selected titles Full-text, downloadable version of promotional materials CAUTION: Contact a Regional Project Coordinator before you create or distribute any promotional materials (NEA STRICT GUIDELINES)




27 WIKI Resources Forms Lists Performers List Program Ideas Downloadable Versions Statewide Poetry Contest


29 We Are Looking For… Links to free Mark Twain content, canned story times, coloring pages, activity sheets Inexpensive door prize items related to Twain or Tom Sawyer (erasers, toys) Posters & stand-ups

30 Continuation of Alabama Reads After evaluation of this pilot program, there will be a plan developed by the statewide committee to continue the Alabama Reads program. Future partnerships with NEA are most definitely in our plans! Continuing partnerships between schools and public libraries

31 Conclusion The printed word is not dead. Reading is FUN. Develop programs that will bring a community together. Find quality partners, like School Media Specialists, to make this program a bigger success.

32 Questions & Answers

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