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Health & Wellness Ch. 2 p. 34. Wellness and Health There is more to being healthy than being in good physical condition and not being sick. Wellness:

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1 Health & Wellness Ch. 2 p. 34

2 Wellness and Health There is more to being healthy than being in good physical condition and not being sick. Wellness: an overall state of well-being, or total health.

3 Physical Health Nutrition: A balanced diet helps you maintain a state of wellness. Eating a variety of foods gives you a better chance of resisting infection. Make wise choices everyday, at every meal, and every snack. Eat foods such as whole-grain breads and cereals, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, beans, poultry, and fish to achieve wellness.

4 Exercise Exercise is essential to a wellness program More strength and endurance Greater agility More alertness Release of built-up tension Easier to maintain appropriate weight Feel and Look better

5 When you exercise, do things you enjoy Aerobics, team sports, jogging, skating, swim.. Exercise REGULARLY; 20-30 minutes a day 3-5 times a week Do simple things like take stairs instead of elevators, do sit ups or push ups while your watching T.V., etc…

6 Sleep Your body needs it…sleep allows your body to repair and revitalize itself. Getting enough rest makes you feel better and gives you energy to get through your day. Most people require 8 hours to maintain wellness and feel fit, teenagers could require 10-13

7 Hygiene: your level of cleanliness Good hygiene helps you deal with temporary physical conditions like acne, oily skin and hair, and increased perspiration. Gives you better health and better appearance. Regular showers or baths Use deodorant or antiperspirant Daily brushing and flossing of teeth Clean hair teeth and nails

8 Substance Abuse Wellness includes not using harmful substances like tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Addiction: a physical and mental dependence on continued doses of a substance. Tobacco is linked to cancer, strokes, emphysema, and heart disease. Alcohol affects muscle coordination and mental judgment. Vomiting, unconsciousness and death can result from alcohol poisoning.

9 Drug refers to many different thing, from medicine to illegal marijuana, crack, and heroin. Take prescription drugs only with a doctors supervision and follow the directions. Choose friends who have also decided to stay drug free Avoid people who want to sell or give you drugs Prepare yourself for situations where you may encounter drugs or feel pressure to try them. Abstinence: refraining from using alcohol and other drugs, also refraining from sexual activity.

10 Safety BE PREPARED: you are less likely to get hurt if you know the potential risks in different situations RESISTING PRESSURE: Dont be afraid to make you own decisions STAYING ALERT: Accidents are more likely when you are not paying attention STAYING WITHING YOUR LIMITS: Be realistic about your physical condition. Ride a beginner trail if you just beginning to mountain bike.

11 Accidents Accidents are the leading cause of death among teens Fasten you car safety belt Follow traffic laws Practice defensive driving Wear gear like helmets, pads and goggles to prevent sports injuries Never swim alone and only dive into water that is deep enough

12 Crime and Violence 9,000 young people are killed each year as a result of violent crime. In Public Walk with a friend or group at night Only walk in well lighted, well traveled routes Know where your going. Walk with a confident attitude Keep your valuables out of sight. NEVER hitchhike or pick up hitchhikers

13 At Home Lock the doors and windows Do not open doors for strangers Never give personal information to strangers over the telephone.

14 Mental Health People who are mentally healthy feel good about themselves, are comfortable with other people and are able to cope better with life. Maintain a positive outlook Focus on your strengths and abilities Treat mistakes as learning experiences Accept the qualities about yourself that you cannot change

15 Make efforts to improve the qualities you cannot change Develop positive ways to handle you emotions, such as talking to friends or exercising Accept others as they are, and focus on their strengths Be considerate of others peoples and emotions.

16 Stress Stress is your bodys response to demands being put on you The way you manage stress can affect every aspect of your wellness. Giving a speech or going on a date with someone for the first time can produce stress, also death, a divorce or an argument can cause stress.

17 Social Health Social health is made of two main components. The first includes people with whom you have direct contact-family, friends, neighbors People that have good supportive relationships with their family and friends are physically healthier than people who live isolated lives.

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