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Nothing But the Truth By Avi

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1 Nothing But the Truth By Avi
A character study of Philip Malloy By: Mrs. Dunlap’s 6th grade class

2 Philip Malloy He is a ninth grade student He loves to run.
He likes girls. He hates English Philip is lazy. He has a paper route.

3 Character Motivation Philip Malloy
He loves his parents He wants to join the track team. He hums/sings at school. He doesn’t tell them the whole story. He lies to the track coach about his grades. Philip wants to irritate the teacher.

4 Facts/Opinion Philip is singing/humming in school.
The newspapers tell Philip’s story. Philip wants to make a good grade in English. Philip is patriotic. Philip is kicked out of school for being patriotic. Mrs. Narwin, the teacher, is preventing him from making good grades.

5 Is Philip telling the whole truth?
He says he loves his country. Philip doesn’t join the track team. Philip says Mrs. Narwin hates him.

6 Sources Distinguishing Fact from Fiction
What motivates a character

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