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Matter and Change.

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1 Matter and Change

2 Section 1-2 Matter and Its Properties
I. Matter-anything that has mass and takes up space. A. Atoms are the smallest kind of matter. B. Elements (pure) made of only one kind of atom.

3 Compounds – made of two or more atoms.
Properties of elements – 1. Extensive properties – depend on amount. Ex. Mass, length, volume, etc 2. Intensive properties - do not depend on amount. Ex. Density, malleability, conductivity, ductility, color, melting point, etc.

4 Physical properties – this is the physical appearance of a substance
1. Physical change – substance will remain the same. 2. Changes in state are physical changes. a. Solid – definite volume and shape low energy b. Liquid – definite volume not shape, more energy than a solid c. Gas – no definite volume or shape, most energy. d. Plasma – high temp., atoms lose electrons

5 Chemical properties – the ability of a substance to undergo a change into a new substance.
1. Chemical change – one or more new substances are formed (called a product) ex. Rusting, burning, etc. ***The law of conservation of matter must be met.

6 Classification of matter –
1. Mixture - contains tow or more materials. There are two basic types of mixtures a. Heterogeneous mixture – unevenly mixed b. Homogenous mixture – evenly mixed. A.K.A. Solution **parts of a solution Solute – dissolved material (smallest amount) Solvent – dissolving material (larger amount) ***Pure substance – can be compounds or elements. Always has the same composition

7 Section 3 Elements Groups or families are vertical rows, have similar characteristics Period are horizontal rows properties change regularly across a period. Metal – conduct heat and electricity, usually a solid. Nonmetals – do not conduct heat or electricity. Metalloid – has characteristics of both metals an nonmetals. Noble gas – group 18 unreactive

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