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Alabama Virtual Library

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1 Alabama Virtual Library
Today I want to introduce you to the Alabama Virtual Library! It is easy to use, free and comprehensive. Alabama Virtual Library

2 What can I use the Alabama Virtual Library for?
Research Papers Reports Speeches Hobbies Literary Criticism The AVL can help you find information for research papers, reports, speeches, hobbies and literary criticisms. Alabama Virtual Library

3 How do I access the Alabama Virtual Library?
To access the AVL you go to . This address will take you to the home page and your computer screen will look like this. Alabama Virtual Library Web Address:

4 Campus & Library Access
If you are at school, all you need to do is click on the Campus & Library button. It will take you directly to the database page. Alabama Virtual Library

5 Home Access Login Area If you are at home you will need an access card. If you do not have one see the librarian. When you click on the Home Access button it will ask for your login and password. Use the information on the card given to you by the librarian. Alabama Virtual Library

6 Where do I find resources for high school students?
This page allows you to choose an age group (for appropriate level information) or topic that you need to find information on. You can also find information on the AVL and how to search the different databases. Alabama Virtual Library

7 Which databases are available on Alabama Virtual Library?
After you choose the age level you need information on, the list of databases for that group becomes available. Alabama Virtual Library

8 How do I find literature information?
This is an example of a search on Shakespeare using the Literature Resource Center. You can narrow your search by using the full name or dates of a particular author or work that you are looking for. Alabama Virtual Library

9 How do I find magazines on AVL?
Ebscohost has a list of databases for magazines, newspapers and journal articles. You select the databases that you would like to search. Alabama Virtual Library

10 Periodical Keyword Search
This is an example of a search on Ebscohost using the keyword “sniper”. As you can see, five pages of information regarding snipers was found. To look at any of the articles you click on the title of the article. Alabama Virtual Library

11 How do I find newspaper, magazine, or journal articles on AVL?
EBSCOhost Academic Search Elite EBSCOhost MAS Full Text Ultra EBSCOhost MasterFile Premier Electric Library ProQuest Gold Periodicals ProQuest PA Research II These are the different databases provided on Alabama Virtual Library. If you need any type of information you can find it here. SIRS Knowledge Source

12 Which online encyclopedias are available on Alabama Virtual Library?
Britannica Online Funk & Wagnall’s New World Encyclopedia Grolier’s Encyclopedia Americana Online Alabama Virtual Library provides these encyclopedias online. Alabama Virtual Library

13 How do I find authors and literary criticism on AVL?
Scribner Writers Series Twayne’s Authors Series If you need information on specific authors or literary criticism you should choose these databases.

14 Advantages of Alabama Virtual Library
AVL is Free AVL is Easy to Access Remember Alabama Virtual Library is free to everyone, easy to access, comprehensive and FUN!! AVL is Comprehensive AVL is FUN!

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