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Summer Reading Share your novel in reading circles.

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2 Summer Reading Share your novel in reading circles

3 Welcome to English 12 This semester you will create a PowerPoint presentation of one of the novels you have read during the summer. You will work with 2 or 3 other classmates to form a reading circle. Each group will discuss the plot, character, and theme and collaborate in creating a multimedia presentation to the class. You may choose any genre of writing to represent your novel. I hope you enjoy this activity. Mrs. Gamble

4 Reading Circles Your circle will discuss the plot, character, and theme of one of these novels. 1984 The Heart Ie a Lonely Hunter Siddhartha How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent Night

5 Choose group (3-4 members/group) Select a novel Discuss plot, character, and theme Record a daily report of discussion Choose one element to create two slides for a group PowerPoint presentation Include a title page and table of contents Procedures for your Reading Circle:

6 Possible Genres to describe Plot, Character, & Theme LetterRecipeInterviewObituary AcrosticPoemMenuAd Travel Brochure MapCrossword Puzzle Greeting Card Movie Poster Newspaper Article EulogyEssay Examples

7 How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent by Julia Alvarez Dear Diary, Today Mami and Papi decided that we four sisters should go the Island for the summer. They dont want us to lose touch with la familia, but the hidden agenda is marriage to homeland boys. Everybody knows that once a girl marries an American, those grandbabies come out jabbering in English and thinking of the Island as a place to go get a suntan. We dont mind a couple of weeks, but a whole summer? (P. 109) (Diary entry)(Map)

8 The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers To Mick On your 14th Birthday, We Know your Party will be Fun for you & all Of your friends. Love, Mom & Dad (Greeting card)

9 BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU Ministry of Truth releases New Party slogan WAR IS PEACE FREEDOM IS SLAVERY IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH Chocolate ration increased to 20g/week News Flash 1984 by George Orwell

10 1 Slide with title, name of novel, author,graphic of book, first names of group members 1 Slide for Table of Contents 6 Slides of plot, character, and theme (2 slides each) 1 Slide for sources (if applicable) Presentation to class Daily report for each group discussion

11 There is no frigate like a book. Emily Dickinson New Century Technology High School English 12 Jeanne Gamble

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