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The Scientific Revolution The Enlightenment Thinkers The Age of Exploration.

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2 The Scientific Revolution The Enlightenment Thinkers The Age of Exploration

3 Scientific Rev.Enlightenment Thinkers Age of Exploration Choice

4 Row 1, Col 1 Who was an ancient Greek astronomer to believe that the earth was the center of the universe? Ptolemy

5 1,2 Why did Thomas Hobbes believe that people needed to be governed by one ruler with absolute power? People were selfish by nature and cannot be trusted to make rules that would be good for everyone.

6 1,3 Type the answer for 1,3 here. (Type the question for 1,3 here.)?

7 1,4 Type the answer for 1,4 here. (Type the question for 1,4 here.)?

8 2,1 Who was the first to theorize the Heliocentric theory that the earth Revolved around the sun? Copernicus

9 2,2 Who believed that even criminals should have rights and that a person who is accused of a crime should receive a fair and speedy trial? Cesare Beccaria

10 2,3 Type the answer for 2,3 here. (Type the question for 2,3 here.)?

11 2,4 Type the answer for 2,4 here. (Type the question for 2,4 here.)?

12 3,1 Who was the first person to study the sky with a telescope and used experiments to test his theories? Galileo

13 3,2 Who supported religious tolerance and was a strong believer that people must be free to speak their minds? Voltaire

14 3,3 Type the answer for 3,3 here. (Type the question for 3,3 here.)?

15 3,4 Type the answer for 3,4 here. (Type the question for 3,4 here.)?

16 4,1 Who argued that science should be pursued systematically (step-by-step) to gain more Knowledge? Frances Bacon

17 4,2 What revolutions were greatly inspired by the Enlightenment Thinkers? The American and French Revolution

18 4,3 Type the answer for 4,3 here. (Type the question for 4,3 here.)?

19 4,4 Type the answer for 4,4 here. (Type the question for 4,4 here.)?

20 5,1 Who helped to prove Copernicuss theory that the planets orbit the sun and observed that planets move in elliptical (oval) orbits? Tycho Brahe

21 5,2 What did women Enlightenment Thinkers argured for? They wanted women to have the same rights as men.

22 5,3 Type the answer for 5,3 here. (Type the question for 5,3 here.)?

23 5,4 Type the answer for 5,4 here. (Type the question for 5,4 here.)?

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