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Hannah Leib Sarah Doyle & Dakota Murray

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1 Hannah Leib Sarah Doyle & Dakota Murray
Chapter 8 Japan Section 8.3 Growth of a Military Society Order Breaks Down Hannah Leib Sarah Doyle & Dakota Murray

2 Introduction In the last section you learned about how the Samurai lead honorable lives. They did this by following a set of rules called Bushido. In this section, Order Breaks Down, we learn about the foreign invasions and internal rebellion. Which weakened Japan.

3 Foreign Invasions Chinas emperor (Kublai Khan)= ordered army to attack islands in 1274 Warriors= hit by storm. Storm= sank many ships, Mongols left 1281= Mongols invaded again Again, another storm hit Japan Storm= kamikaze “divine wind” Nobles=unhappy, shoguns did not give them credit

4 Internal Rebellion Emperor = tired of no control
Nobles/Diamyo = wanted to break from shogun Small wars 1400s Shoguns lost power Diamyo controlled their territory No central powerful authority


6 Conclusion In this section you learned about how foreign invasion and internal rebellion weakened Japan. However in the end of the section you learned that the nobles and emperor had gained much power. In the next section you will learn about how leaders compete to unify Japan and isolate it from the rest of the world.

7 Quiz Questions

8 Directions to the quiz game:
Each row is one team We will ask a question The person in the back row starts off with the piece of paper and writes their answer on their piece of paper. The person in the back passes the paper too the person in front of them and they write down what they think their answer is. The paper is passed until it gets to the person in the front row. The first person that raises their hand in the front of the row gets to say their answer.

9 1. Why were the Daimyo’s so powerful?
3. How many times did the Mongols attack? a. once b. twice c. three times d. four times a. They owned a lot of land in Japan b. They were ancestors of the emperor c. They were very wealthy d. They were scholars 4. What occurred when the Mongols attacked? 2. What were the two reasons that the order broke down? A tornado A storm Trade increased It was farming season a. Internal rebellion and storm b. Storm and the Mongols invaded Japan c. The Mongols invaded Japan and there was an internal rebellion d. A storm and fire 5. Why was the emperor angry with the shoguns? a. He had no control power c. Their land was stolen b. The Japanese army lost a fight d. They sent him to another country

10 The End

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