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An exciting journey through all the circles of Hell

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1 An exciting journey through all the circles of Hell
Dante’s Inferno An exciting journey through all the circles of Hell

2 Abandon all hope, ye who enter here
“Hell has enlarged its soul and opened its mouth without any limits.” - Isaiah 5:14

3 Three Days in Hell Stephen’s three-day retreat mirrors other Biblical and Mythological journeys. Old Testament: A disobedient Jonah is confined within the belly of a whale. After three days and a humble repentance, he is spewed out. New Testament: Jesus descends into Hell for three days. He returns with the keys of Hell and Death, as well as large contingent of “virtuous heathens.”


5 The Seven Deadly Sins (Saint Thomas Aquinas)
Lust Gluttony Avarice Sloth Anger Envy Pride

6 Three Types of Sin (Dante Alighieri)
Incontinence (Level 1) Lack of self control Violence (Level 2) Conscious violation of God’s will Fraudulent and Traitorous (Level 3) Using reason and intellect as a weapon


8 VESTIBULE: Neutrals and Opportunists, indecisive, no real beliefs, those who don’t choose sides
CIRCLE #1—LIMBO: Virtuous Pagans and Unbaptized Babies CIRCLE #2: Carnal and Lustful CIRCLE #3: Gluttons CIRCLE #4: Hoarders and Wasters CIRCLE #5: Wrathful and Sullen or Slothful

9 The First Circle Limbo Virtuous pagans & unbaptized infants
Homer, Socrates and Plato “Only so far afflicted that without hope” they “live in desire” (4.42)

10 The Second Circle The Lustful Minos sits in judgment
Blown about forever by stormy winds just as, in life, they were blown about by the winds of passion


12 Paolo and Francesca lust and the false God of Love Circle Two

13 The Third Circle The Gluttons

14 The Third Circle Guarded by Cerberus Wallow in mud and muck
Besieged by hail & filthy water

15 The avaricious and the prodigal
The Fourth Circle The avaricious and the prodigal Avaricious (greedy) Prodigal (wasteful) Useless Labor

16 The Fifth Circle The Wrathful, Sullen, or Slothful
Attacking one another

17 City of Dis Boundary between upper and lower Hell.

18 CIRCLE #6: Heretics CIRCLE #7.1: Violence Against Neighbors CIRCLE #7.2: Violence Against Oneself (Forest of the Suicides) CIRCLE #7.3.1: Violence Against God CIRCLE #7.3.2: Violence Against Nature (Homosexuals) CIRCLE #7.3.3: Violence Against Art MALABOLGIA

19 Descent into lower Hell: Circle 6: Heresy atheists & Non-believers in the afterlife

20 Circle 7: Violence against God, his creations, and self

21 Violence Against Self Piero delle vigne

22 Forest of the suicides

23 The Sodomites violence against nature male homosexuality

24 Violence Ugolino and Ruggieri

25 Mmmm… (smack) (slurp) Deee-licious!


27 The Malbolge “Bad Pockets” Entry to lowest levels of Hell – for those who use their God-given intellect to distort the truth: Fraud Treachery

28 Circle 8: Fraud CIRCLE #8.1: Pimps, Panderers, and Seducers CIRCLE #8.2: Flatterers CIRCLE #8.3: Simonists (Users of the Church) CIRCLE #8.4: Fortunetellers and Soothsayers CIRCLE #8.5: Grafters CIRCLE #8.6: Hypocrites CIRCLE #8.7: Thieves CIRCLE #8.8: Evil Counselors and Deceivers CIRCLE #8.9: Sowers of Discord/Scandal/Schism CIRCLE #8.10: Falsifiers

29 CIRCLE #8.1: Pimps, Panderers, and Seducers
pan·der·er n. 1. A sexual procurer. 2. One who caters to or exploits the lower tastes and desires of others.

30 CIRCLE #8.2: Flatterers

31 CIRCLE #8.3: The Simonists

32 CIRCLE #8.4: Fortunetellers and Soothsayers

33 CIRCLE #8.5: Grafters “the acquisition of gain (as money) in dishonest or questionable ways; also: illegal or unfair gain”

34 CIRCLE #8.6: Hypocrites

35 CIRCLE #8.7: Thieves

36 CIRCLE #8.8: Evil Counselors and Deceivers

37 CIRCLE #8.9: Sowers of Discord/Scandal/Schism

38 CIRCLE #8.10: Falsifiers Ulysses



41 traitors Cassius Brutus Judas

42 CIRCLE #9.1 - CAINA: Treachery to Kindred
CIRCLE #9.2 - ANTENORA: Treachery to Country or Political Party CIRCLE #9.3 - TOLOMEA: Treachery to Guests CIRCLE #9.4 - JUDECCA: Treachery to Lords or Superiors LOWEST LEVEL OF HELL: The worst of those who betrayed their benefactors ~Satan, Judas Iscariot, Brutus, and Cassius (Macbeth?)

43 Stephen in a Hell of his own making

44 Where do you fit in? Take the test and find out… if you DARE

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