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Albert Camus Authors Life and Work Born 1913 in Algeria.

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1 Albert Camus Authors Life and Work Born 1913 in Algeria

2 Early Years Beset by poverty throughout his life Excelled in sports, journalism and drama at the University of Algiers Graduated in 1936 with a degree in literature and philosophy

3 Philosophy and Life Devoted his life to literature that exalts truth, happiness, freedom, and justice. We are made to live for others. But one really dies only for oneself. Life must be embraced in all its unfairness, moral paradox, and irrationality life is controlled by the absurd

4 Most influential Works: (All written in French and translated) The Myth of Sisyphus - 1941 The Stranger - 1942 The Plague - 1948

5 Literary Terms relevant to The Stranger Absurdism –the collapse of tradition, values, and justice. Doubts about the purpose of life, worth and direction. Antihero – nontraditional protagonist or non hero who presents none of the skill, intelligence or nobility of the standard hero. Existentialism – philosophy that contrasts the random nature of the universe with human helplessness and lack of knowledge.

6 The Existential Anti-Hero Accepts his insignificance and creates meaning by rising to the challenge of events and situations. Mersault is noble because he maintains his self-respect and faces a hostile environment that insists on his guilt based on poor reasoning.

7 Psychological Novel Study of a characters mind with emphasis on motivation, internal dialogue, and circumstance. Readers observe his character, values, friendships and frustrations.

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