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Of Mice and Men By John Steinbeck Mr. Gs English 9 Honors.

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1 Of Mice and Men By John Steinbeck Mr. Gs English 9 Honors

2 John Steinbeck Born and raised in Salinas area, the setting of this and other stories. Attended Stanford, left to find work. Did some work on a company owned farm. Moved to NYC to work in journalism – fired because he was too subjective.

3 The Salinas Valley Salinas Valley still called The Lettuce Belt. Soledad home to large farms to this day…as well as a prison. Monterey once housed a tremendous fish canning industry, setting for Cannery Row (now a tourist zone).

4 Events in History at the time of the story. The Great Depression: over 30% of US workers unemployed. The Dust Bowl: Midwest US ravaged by dust storms, farms destroyed. Most farms owned by large companies,staffed with seasonal, migrant farm workers…sound familiar?

5 Life of a bindlestiff Migrant workers carried beds and belongings in a bundle. Most Hispanic, Asian. OM&M focus is on white worker. Average wage about $2.50/day, or about $600/year. Workers lived in bunkhouses. Most lived job-to-job, many spending earnings on bars and brothels instead of saving.

6 Women in Depression era camps Treated as property, little freedom Confined to domesticity Roles changing Right to vote comes, so does opportunity

7 Mentally Disabled No tolerance. General public frightened. Marriage disallowed; segregation and sterilization common (a practice later adopted by Hitler). Rights not granted until 1975, 1990, and Lennie an exception due to Georges presence.

8 Racial Tension and Vigilante Justice Segregation was still a function of life in California. Racially motivated lynching common. Mob violence high, vigilante groups common.

9 Sources Steinbeck dropped out of Stanford, worked on ranches and farms. Robert Burns poem To a Mouse. The best-laid schemes o' mice an 'men Gang aft agley,o'anGangaft Structure Play format: 3 acts of two chapters Objective tone – like a newspaper Takes place across three days

10 Themes Idealism vs Reality Alienation, lonliness, and poverty Race and Racism Class conflict Mental Disability Loyalty Friendship

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