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Dissociation of water molecules pH

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1 Dissociation of water molecules pH
T.O.D: (table from old study guide) take home essay? Chapter 3: Water Water’s Polarity Cohesion, moderation of temperature, ice is less dense, universal solvent Dissociation of water molecules pH

2 WATER: the stuff of life!


4 Water’s polarity and hydrogen bonds
Account for its unique properties that contribute to the fitness of Earth’s as an environment for life.

5 Cohesion/Adhesion Cohesion is water’s attraction to water
Adhesion is water’s attraction to other substances Surface tension Water transport in plants, up ___ tubes

6 Stabilize temperatures
WHY? High specific heat Water moderates global and organismal temperatures Evaporative cooling is important for animals as well as plants

7 Expansion upon freezing
Because of Hydrogen bonding … 0° C Ice is less dense than liquid water When is water most dense? If this didn’t happen, bodies of water would freeze solid

8 Structure of Ice vs liquid water

9 Versatile Solvent: Ex: Salt and water
Ionic and polar com- pounds dissolve in water

10 Even very large molecules like proteins dissolve in water as long as there are areas of ionic or polar bonds.

11 The pH scale pH=The measure of H+ and OH- in a solution. Scale 0-14…
Acids=increase the H+ concentration Bases=reduce the H+ concentration

12 pH = -log[H+] Buffers Acid rain Neutral = 10-7[H+]
Ex: pH 9 has H+ concentration of 10-9 M and an OH- concentration of 10-5 M Practice problems… Buffers Acid rain

13 Ch.1-4 Quiz study tips: Practice questions at the end of the chapters
The test’s CD ROM demonstrations and practice questions Study your HW notes and class notes

14 Sources Campbell, Reece, Mitchell. Biology, 5th Ed , Chap- ter one. Pgs Campbell, Reece, Mitchell. Biology, 5th Ed , Presentations CD-ROM. Click art CD-ROM, Broderbund.

15 ~jim/water.jpg



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