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2 What Is the Chemical Structure of DNA?
A=Adenine 30.4% T=Thymine 30.1% G=Guanine 19.6% C=Cytosine 19.9% DNA is made up of the substances above. This is how of each substance is in a human body.

3 Where can DNA be found? DNA can be found in Chromosomes.
DNA is found in our sperm, hair, fingerprints, blood,saliva and other places.

4 How is DNA inherited in human’s
From our parents. We get 23 chromosomes from both our mom and dad. That is what forms our body structure. Chromosomes determine what eye color we have and all our other features.

5 How does DNA, RNA and ribosome's work to synthesis protein?


7 In what way’s might DNA profiling be useful?
Catch crooks, solve crimes, clone objects, make genetically engineered food, cure some disabilities related to DNA.

8 How is DNA profiling established
DNA profiling is establish when we need to find someone or fix someone's DNA strand. EXAMPLE: say there was a murder and there was the murderers blood at the scene. Scientist would do some DNA testing on it to find out who’s it is and track them down.

9 Extraction of DNA?

10 Using restriction Enzymes?
Restriction Enzymes cuts the double strand of DNA when a sequence occurs.

11 The use of gel electrophoresis?
Electrophoresis separates the DNA according to size. The DNA is placed in gel, while a Electro magnet pulls the DNA towards the magnet. The bigger pieces move slower and the smaller pieces moves quickly. The magnet is turned off. Then they see which DNA is where.

12 The use of PCR? PCR uses a technique which amplifies the number of DNA. So that we have more than one strand of DNA to work with.

13 Use of DNA Profile to compare DNA.
It can decide, whether a certain person has a certain decease or not. It could even help this decease from starting.

14 Are there any issues of whether to use DNA profiling or not?
Some people decide not to eat genetically altered foods, should the genetically altered food be labeled, whether or not to fix a strand of DNA.

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