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France, Spain and America From the Beginning to Revolution Standard 8.1.3.

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1 France, Spain and America From the Beginning to Revolution Standard 8.1.3

2 Your Assignment: Read the presentation and complete the following. You may want to copy the questions into word and print out your typed answers. 1.Describe the relationship between France, Spain and America prior to the American Revolution (look under French and Indian War). 2. List 2 advantages and disadvantages of the British and American Armies. 3.Why do you think France wanted to help the U.S. (Read Friends Help Slide)? 4. Draw a simple picture for each of the 4 part simple summary slide. 5. How was America affected by the help of France? 6. How was the country of France affected by the American Revolution? 7. How would the American Revolution eventually affect all of Europe? 8. Write a soap opera like you heard in class. It should be at least ¾ of a page long. Show your understanding of the varying relationships of key players in the American Revolution and how this affected other countries, especially France. Use the following names that represent each country Frances=France Brittany=Britain Eric= America Sam= Spain


4 The French and Indian War French and Indian War (Seven Years War) 1755-1763 Fought between France (with the help of the Indians and Spain) vs. England (with the help of the colonists) Treaty of Paris of 1763 ended war England gains Canada and French lands east of the Mississippi River As a result of war England is in huge debt and feels colonists should pay for the war

5 Spain and France Lose the War Results France gives Britain their land east of the Appalacians Spain gives Florida to Britain France fosters hostility toward England

6 The Revolutionary War Great Britain advantages Professionally trained army, 50,000 troops Huge well developed Navy Resources: weapons, ammunition, food, uniforms. Great Britain Disadvantages Distance: Troops were fighting in a far-off land People were tired of being taxed to pay for the war Poor leadership, Lord George Germain (in charge of running the war) never had set foot in America.

7 The Revolutionary War American Strengths PATRIOTISM! Secretly, European counties gave Americans gunpowder (over 90% came from Europe) Outstanding leadership! George Washington was a great military commander that inspired courage and confidence American Weaknesses Only 20,000 men, poorly trained Lack of supplies: Guns, ammunition, uniforms, food, shoes (many soldiers begged for food and went shoeless in the snow!) Continental Congress had no power to raise taxes for war costs.

8 Friends Help: A Revolutionary Story It looked pretty bad for the Americans in the beginning of the war. Troops were poorly trained, poorly equipped and hungry. Furthermore, they were fighting against one of the greatest armies in the world. Commander George Washington and patriotism were the only good things they had going for them. Many battles were lost in the beginning and it looked like the Americans were going to lose. The battle of Saratoga changed everything. Americans beat Britain and the tides began to turn. Shortly after, France and Spain joined in the conflict. France was still bitter from the French and Indian war and they were eager to fight against the British. France had a strong Navy and they gave Americans weapons. Spain also helped by offering supplies and by seizing many British forts along the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico. The wars climax came when the Americans, with help of the French, trapped Cornwalliss army at Yorktown, Virginia. After Cornwallis surrendered, it was only a matter of time until Britain gave up the fight. The Treaty of Paris was signed officially declaring America independent.

9 The Revolution: A Simple Summary 1.Colonist are fed up with the British taxation without representa tion and they declare independe nce. 2. The untrained, poorly equipped, American military loses early battles to the powerful British army 3. France and Spain supply aide after Americans defeat British at the battle of Saratoga. 4. Americans win with help from friends.The treaty of Paris declares America Independent

10 The Revolution Affects France American independence encourages a revolution in France. The people of France rebel against their king like the colonists rebelled against the King George III. Rebels want to limit the kings power. They want their rights guaranteed in a constitution like Americans. 1789 the French Revolution begins.

11 The American Revolution Affects the Rest of the World! Due to the American Revolutions success the French also want rights and a constitution that limits their kings power. Rulers of other European countries are scared that revolutionary ideas may spread to their own countries Britain, Spain, Prussia, Austria and the Netherlands send troops to overpower people fighting for revolution in France. This plunges Europe into a 20 year war. America tries to stay neutral.

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