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Planar structures incorporating LIGHT & the WHEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1 Planar structures incorporating LIGHT & the WHEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 Planar Constuction Creation from flat sided forms Explore the effects of natural vs artificial lighting Explore use of flat surfaces that may enhance the effects of light – mirrors? Can shadows be an integral part of the piece (shadows ON form or shadows CAST by it) Surface texture can also make a difference in the effects of light (rough, smooth, polished, etc) Can create patterns as well (Light vs shadow)

3 Materials Thick paper Cardboard Matt board corners Foam core Matt board (I dont have) PAPER Mirrors ????

4 Construction Experiment with fastening devices Cutting, folding, creating tabs and slots, bending, sewing, and creasing Use OPEN forms and negative space Can hang on wall or from ceiling, sit on table/floor

5 Le Corbusier Notre Dame du Haut Varying distances into the wall; stained glass

6 Sol LeWitt Small cubes create larger structures and create value in different areas

7 Poul Henningsen Artichoke Lamp

8 Larry Bell Tinted but transparent glass; appears darker where it visually overlaps Allows us to judge where the panels lie in space and how they are situated in relation to one another

9 Hanging planes Shadows cast on the wall due to light

10 The flat planes of this structure and how the light hits them creates and entire new dimension to the sculpture (shadows)

11 Richard Sweeney Cut and altered paper with LIGHTING


13 Different types of lighting situations



16 Francisco Infante – Threshold of Curved Space Paned mirrors – reflecting surroundings and also appearing to DEFY GRAVITY!

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