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Principles of Ecology Chapter 2.1.

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1 Principles of Ecology Chapter 2.1

2 Biotic & Abiotic Factors
Living organisms Abiotic = Nonliving Soil,Air,Water Substrate

3 Population: Number of Individuals Same Species In an area or place

4 Community All the Plants & Animals In a given area
? Community of Del Mar

5 Forest Community …………..

6 Ecosystem: Both biotic and abiotic factors in a large area:

7 Niche versus habitat Habitat = Place Niche = Role
Producer, Consumer or Decomposer Adaptations

8 Niche overlap? Do not overlap Competition eventually is harmful
Specialized adaptation wins out

9 Organism Interrelationships:
Beneficial Symbiosis= Living together Commensalism= Only one benefits Mutualism= Both benefit Harmful: Parasitism= One benefits & Host slowly harmed

10 Tape worm Parasite: You are harmed because it lives off your intestinal fluids Segments break off to form a new worm!

11 Lichen=Fungus + algae Fungi = carbon dioxide moisture Algae = food

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