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M. Michael Morita Period 5 1/10/08

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1 M. Michael Morita Period 5 1/10/08
Tactics and Weapons of Islamic Warfare during the Middle Ages (AD ) M. Michael Morita Period 5 1/10/08

2 Introduction Islamic rules of war Islamic tactics Islamic weaponry
Islamic armor How Islamic warfare tied into government

3 Rules of war “War can only be declared if general call to Islam was issued and ignored” “Muslim troops forbidden to kill women, children, and old men” And “trees, crops, and farm animals cannot be destroyed, but could be used for food”

4 Weapons Muslims used swords, single edged and double edged axes, maces, balls and chains, and bows and arrows Archers considered light Calvary armed with bows and arrows held in a quiver, a shield, and rode on horses

5 Tactics Surprise and outmaneuver enemy
Avoid charging knights armed with Lances Lead enemies into ambushes with false retreats During open battles infantry be placed behind soft sand and rocky ground to slowdown the knights horses in hope that enemy charge into headwind and get sand into eyes

6 Armor Muslim troops wore light weight armor that allowed them to move freely One type armor is leather boiled in paraffin and wax and then covered in rectangular metal plates Another type of armor is a short chain-mail coat, sometimes horses would wear this type of armor

7 Warfare tied into government
Warfare tied into gov. because government run by Islam religion Gov. created peaceful and prosperous environment for own people by conquering many lands and peoples. Allowed non-Muslims to live in community but had to pay special taxes

8 Summary Muslim warfare tactics and weapons during middle ages more advanced than others at the time. This allowed Muslim empire to conquer many lands. The Muslim people lived in prosperity during middle ages

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