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Urinary System Can you hold it long enough for me to get through this lecture?

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1 Urinary System Can you hold it long enough for me to get through this lecture?

2 QUICK REVIEW OF ELIMINATION Lungs eliminate CO2 Sweat glands eliminate excess heat, salt Digestive tract- indigestible solids, bacteria Urinary tract is the main system of elimination

3 A little vocab Uria or Ur- urine Cyst- bladder Nephr or Ren- kidney Dys- painful

4 Anuria –Without urine Cystitis –Inflammation of the bladder Dysuria –Painful urination Hematuria –Blood I urine Hydronephrosis –> water in kidney Renal –Pertaining to kidney

5 The Urinary Tract Urinary tract consists of 2 kidneys, 2 ureters, one bladder and one urethra. Kidney location: –Retroperitoneal –Dorsal wall of abdominal cavity –12th thoracic and 3 rd lumbar vertebrae Urethra –1.5 inches in women, 8 inches in men

6 Outer layer- Cortex Inner layer- Medulla Calyx- collects urine as it is formed, join together to form the ureter

7 Kidneys filter blood- 2, 000 L/day (500 gal) –remove waste products and reabsorb water, other valuable substances. –1.5 L of urine/day Metabolism produces toxic substances- esp nitrogen containing waste as a by-product of protein breakdown We eliminate nitrogen as urea- water soluble

8 The main functional unit of the kidney is called the NEPHRON. 1 million per kidney Most of nephron located in renal cortex Loop of Henle is located in the renal medulla

9 Capillaries in glomerulus filter blood- Bowman capsule collects ultra filtrate Through passive and active diffusion, 95% of water is reabsorbed, along with K, Na, Ca Other things are actively excreted, like drugs. Excretion is controlled by hormones such as ADH from hypothalamus

10 Urine is made in 4 steps 1.Filtration 2.Reabsorption 3.Secretion 4.Excretion A urinalysis is the most common non- invasive medical test ordered

11 Diseases of the Kidney Acute Kidney failure- sudden loss of function –Causes: nephritis, shock, injury, heart failure or poisoning –Symptoms: anuria or oliguria. Uremia, nausea, coma, death Chronic Kidney failure- gradual loss of function due to hypertension (high blood pressure) or endocrine disease Cystitis- inflammation of the urinary bladder

12 Dialysis, Kidney transplant Hemodialysis- serves as an artificial kidney 2-3x/week for 2-4 hours Peritoneal dialysis- uses patients own peritoneal lining to filter blood Kidney transplant- need suitable donor. Only need one, but must take anti- rejection drugs for the life of the patient

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