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Community Interactions &

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1 Community Interactions &
Food Chains, Webs & Pyramids Chapter 2.2

2 Trophic Level: Who eats who in the food chain
Steps along which materials & energy pass Shown as food chains, webs & pyramids

3 Food Chain: ONLY ONE source of food Less stable

4 Food Web: More than one choice of food
Several food chains linked together More stable

5 Food Pyramid Tertiary Secondary Primary consumer Producer

6 Food Pyramid Tertiary Secondary consumer Primary consumer Producer

7 Food Pyramid Illustrates? Food Chain of numbers of biomass of energy

8 Food Pyramid activity heat heat activity 90%: Lost as Waste Used for
10% of the energy is passed on as biomass 90%: Lost as Waste Used for Reproduction activity heat heat activity

9 Biomagnification Magnification= to increase Concentration of toxins
Are magnified In upper pyramid levels

10 Biomagnification the top consumer requires more biomass
and concentrates the toxin

11 Food Pyramid Human Shark Bass Smelt Algae Who is most susceptible ?

12 Cycles in Nature:

13 Energy Flows………... Flows in one direction
Will never return to the same form Conservation of Energy: Energy changes form But is never lost

14 Matter cycles………….. Matter can be recycled Matter can be reformed
The basic building blocks are reused Conservation of Matter

15 Carbon cycle………...

16 Tracing the cycling of matter…..

17 Energy & Matter in an Ecosystem:

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