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Uniform circular motion: examples include

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1 Uniform circular motion: examples include
Objects in orbit (earth around the sun Driving a car around a corner Rotating a ball around on a string

2 Circular Motion According to Newton’s mechanics, objects don’t tend to move in a circle by themselves. They tend to either be at rest of move in a straight line at constant speed (this is Newton’s first law)

3 Circular Motion Circular motion is not “natural” motion
Some (a Force) must make an object move in a circle The Force causing circular motion can be one of many different forces, depends on the situation (orbit = gravitational force, car turning a corner = frictional force, ball on a string = tension force)

4 Circular Motion Remember from Newton’s 2nd law, that …..Force = mass x acceleration (F = ma) But if the object is in uniform circular motion, their speed is constant, so is acceleration = 0?

5 Circular Motion In circular motion, the acceleration is a change in the direction of the object, even though the speed is constant, the direction keeps changing, and velocity is a vector. The force keeps pulling the object to the center, hence we call this type of acceleration “centripetal” acceleration which means “center seeking”.

6 Circular Motion Solving circular motion problems is like a typical “force” problem where the motion is circular rather than linear. F = ma still works, now we have a new term for centripetal acceleration ac = v2/r acceleration (centripetal) = velocity squared/radius.

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