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One celled Eukaryotes & Algae

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1 One celled Eukaryotes & Algae
Kingdom Protista One celled Eukaryotes & Algae

2 Protista: Animal Like: Plant Like: Euglena Euglena Diatoms Paramecium
Amoeba Plant Like: Euglena Diatoms Algae (one celled Or multi-celled kelp)

3 Cilia Locomotion Protection Sensory Feeding (oral groove) Human cilia
Hair like appendages Locomotion Protection Sensory Feeding (oral groove) Human cilia Line the throat !

4 Paramecium

5 Contractile Vacuole Open & Shut Contractile Vacuole Liquid Excretion
Pumps out water Maintains water homeostasis If nonfunctional paramecium could burst! Open & Shut Contractile Vacuole

6 Paramecium Cilia Oral Groove Contractile Vacuole

7 Food Vacuole Digests food Contains enzymes pH changes Delivers food
Forms at end of oral groove

8 Oral groove sweeps food into food vacuoles

9 A Didinium devours a Paramecium (both ciliates)

10 Silica Box Shell Diatom covering Silica (glass) Floats Contains photosynthesis pigments

11 Diatoms: Basis of the food chain=producers

12 Producers are the base of the food pyramid:
2ndary Consumers Primary Consumers Producers = Diatoms

13 Dinoflagellates: Red Tide
Bioluminescence Poisonous Animal Plankton Consumers

14 Euglena: Plant & Animal like
Chloroplasts Red Eye spot = Light sensor Flagella Consumer

15 Amoeba asexual division
Pseudopod: For locomotion, Sensory & food getting Nucleus

16 Amoeba pseudopodia engulfing a paramecium

17 Amoeba cytoskeleton allows it to change shape…….

18 Slime Mold Plasmodium (body)

19 Slime mold plasmodium body & reproductive sproangia stalks

20 Bread mold mycellium body of tubes (hyphae)

21 Hyphae (tube) structures of bread mold:

22 Mold mycelium ( body of tubes or hyphae)

23 Mycelium & Hypha of a Fungus
Hypha tubes Mycelium body

24 Mushroom caps are the above ground fruiting body
Below ground is the body of mycelium tubes !

25 Fungi Fruiting Body

26 Bracket Fungi

27 Lichen= Fungi & Algae Fungi makes carbon dioxide & a habitat
Algae makes oxygen & food

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