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Mansa Musa Chapter #6 Lesson #2

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1 Mansa Musa Chapter #6 Lesson #2
Made By: Brian, Natalie, and Leila

2 HOW TO TAKE NOTES: Everything in PINK write down
Everything else….JUST LISTEN

3 Introduction: Mali’s ruler-Sundiata died=1255
Mansa Musa/son takes Sundiata’s place Mansa Musa= a famous Muslim ruler Influential, spreads Islam Mali reached its height in 1300’s

4 Mansa Musa: Skillful leader Ruled for 25 years Made powerful army
Conquered trade cities Capturing trade cities=wealth

5 The World Learns about Mali:
Mansa Musa= Muslim 1324 went on Hajj First stop= Cairo, Egypt Gave away gold Gold value dropped Journey helped spread Mali empire

6 Please enjoy or skit of Mansa Musa traveling on his Hajj….

7 Learning and Religion in Mali:
Mansa Musa supported education Scholars= sent to Morocco Established schools Schools= studying of Qur’an Main language= Arabic Architects built mosques Islam became known in Mali Countries visit Mali= more trade and money

8 Conclusion: The next section you will learn about: Empire of Songhai
Birth of the empire Growth and conquest


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