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?Kingdom for virus? (Prokaryota & Monera)

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1 ?Kingdom for virus? (Prokaryota & Monera)
Virus Ch 18.1 Prokaryotes = no membrane bound organelles (no nucleus or mitochondria)

2 Warts are a skin virus!

3 Virus structure: Protein Coat DNA or RNA for replication
Adsorb-tion site Host specific

4 Are viruses living or non-living?
Not cells Few of life’s criteria No respiration No growth No development Can be crystalline, dormant Living Replicate (with host) Contain DNA,RNA Contain protein coat

5 4..Bacteriophage Bacteria “eating” virus
Virus uses the bacteria as a host For Viral replication

6 Plant peach virus 5.Virus can infect Plants Animals Bacteria

7 Herpes mouth virus:

8 Chicken Pox & Polio Virus

9 Rabies virus Hepatitis B (Liver)

10 Cow pox vaccination 1749 Acquired Immunization
Artificial injection of a small amount of virus Body’s immune response makes antibodies

11 Lytic Cycle (Replication) of a Virus - “AVIRAL”
Viral DNA Adsorption of virus onto the host 5.Lysis of Host cell Membrane & release Of virus 4. Assembly of protein coat 2. Insertion of Virus DNA into host cell

12 Viral Replication:

13 HIV virus structure:

14 HIV Virus

15 HIV virus infects T-cells
HIV virus Weakens the immune system AIDS patients die of “common” diseases when T cell (WBC) count falls

16 AIDS = break down of the immune system & death due to common diseases versus death by AIDS virus

17 Transduction: Viral DNA becomes inserted
Into the Bacteria DNA (1/100,000)

18 Genetic Engineering of Insulin

19 Restriction Enzymes:Made by some Bacteria

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