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The Many Hats of the Career Services Department Presented By: Mark Sullivan & Viley Welch November 18,2010.

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1 The Many Hats of the Career Services Department Presented By: Mark Sullivan & Viley Welch November 18,2010

2 Agenda Qualities Needed For A Great Career Services Department Department Development Structure & Duties Skill Set Required The Bottom Line Questions/Answers

3 What Qualities Does a Great Career Services Department Possess? (Audience Participation)

4 Qualities of a Great Career Services Department : Positive relationships with other campus departments Have great relationships with the students on campus Visible presence with community business partners to facilitate good working relationships Open Door Policy Great Communication in place with staff, students and external sites Goals are clearly defined for each staff member A successful track record of goals attained Accurate recording of Student Files Verifiable Quality Placement Rates

5 Developing a Successful Career Services Department Understanding Positions/Duties Assessing Key Skill Sets Required For Each Position: Career Services Rep Account Services Rep Externship Coordinator

6 Understanding Core Positions and Du ties Career Services Rep (CSR) Accounts Rep (AR) Externship Coordinator (EC) Meaningful Workshops With All Students Developing Relationships with Employers Coordination of Externship Site Visits Resume Writing Assistance Cultivating Job Leads/Externship Opportunities Externship Tracking Mock Interviews With Students Job Fair CoordinatorMaintain Positive Relationships with Employers Delivering Employer Feedback Developing Networks for Graduates Follow Up with Externship Sites Motivating Students While Building Relationships Job Orders DevelopedAssist with Student Development Provide Ongoing Examples of Professionalism Placing Grads In New Careers Delivering Externship Feedback

7 Career Services Representative Duties Assist Students with Resume Writing Utilize Campus Resources Incorporate Mock Interviews Teach Job Search Skills Deliver Employer Feedback Motivate Students Provide Ongoing Examples of Professionalism Skill Set Needed Critical Eye for Editing Excellent Communication Skills Knowledge of Hiring Practices Knowledge of Industry Standards Ability to Deliver and Accept Feedback Charismatic- The Ability To Build Strong Relationships Results Oriented

8 Accounts Representative Duties Networking Developing Relationships with Employers Cultivating Job Leads/Externship Opportunities Job Fair Coordinator Developing Networks for Graduates Placements Skill Set Needed Energetic-The Ability To Build Solid Relationships Excellent Communication Skills Sales/Marketing Experience Organizational Skills Understanding Cycle of Accounts Ability to Close the Deal

9 Externship Coordinator Duties Coordination of Site Visits Externship Tracking Maintain Positive Relationship with Employers Assist with Student Development Skill Set Needed Very Organized Great Attention to Detail Ability to Give/Receive Feedback Ability to Build Meaningful Relationships with CS Staff

10 The Bottom Line The Secret Sauce Determine Staffing Needs Understand the Roles of each position Assessing Talent to ensure the right fit for every position Manage Performance Ensure that a quality training program is in place Utilize tracking tools to assess goals/success Recognize team for a job well done Lead By Example Culture is Leader Led and it starts at the Top. The Quality of a school is determined by the quality of its leadership The End Result…..Verifiable Quality Placement Rates

11 Verifiable Quality Placement Rates Best Practices: Keep accurate data in each student file Verify ALL placements and waivers DOCS sign off on all placements as well as CP Ensure that each placement utilizes core competencies Connect with employers to continue building relationships Congratulation calls to all newly placed students Visit top employers to thank them personally

12 Questions??

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