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Digital Citizenship techSmart 6-8 © SchoolKiT. All Rights Reserved End Show.

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1 Digital Citizenship techSmart 6-8 © SchoolKiT. All Rights Reserved End Show

2 End Show A Digital World

3 End Show Rapid Technological Change Before Now

4 End Show Lifelong Learning

5 End Show Communication in the 21 st Century

6 End Show Wireless Revolution Wired Wireless

7 End Show Web 2.0

8 End Show Web Publication

9 End Show Wikis

10 End Show Blogs

11 End Show Social Networking

12 End Show Digital Responsibility

13 End Show A Global Citizen

14 End Show Our Schools Guidelines Read and discuss your schools online safety and responsibility guidelines with your teacher and parents.

15 End Show Computer Security Dont leave your computer vulnerable.

16 End Show Credit the Source Evaluate and credit the source of information you use in your school projects.

17 End Show Fair Use Guidelines Apply Fair Use Guidelines when using copyrighted materials for your school projects.

18 End Show Complete Works

19 End Show Respect Copyrights Respect copyrighted material by not illegally downloading, copying, and sharing other peoples work.

20 End Show Copyright Laws

21 End Show Creative Commons Licensing Attribution Permission is given for users to copy, adapt, display, and / or share the photo with others as long as credit is given to the author. Share Alike Permission is given for others to adapt the photo (and share it) but they must apply exactly the same license to the photo as the original author did. No Derivative Works Permission is given for others to use the photo but they are not allowed to change it in any way. Noncommercial Permission is given for others to share the photo – but not for commercial purposes.

22 End Show Find Creative Commons Images

23 End Show Responsible Online Communication What are some ways you communicate using the Internet? How is face-to-face and online communication the same? How is it different?

24 End Show Netiquette How should you act when you are communicating with someone online?

25 End Show Respect Property Do not illegally access other peoples property like computers, Web sites, or files.

26 End Show Online Safety

27 End Show Online Safety

28 End Show Safe Online Communication

29 End Show Meeting Online If someone you meet online asks you to get together with them in person, you will not meet them without your parents permission.

30 End Show Personal Information Do not give any personal information to a Web site or anyone online without talking to your parents or teacher first.

31 End Show Shopping Online

32 End Show Password Safety Do not give your computer passwords to anyone.

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34 End Show References aNantaB. Shreelal Using Computer. March 29, 2007. Details Lorda. Preparing to Record. May 30, 2007. Details Pipe. Web Services 2.0. February 14, 2009. Details Luc Legay. Une représentation de mon réseau social dans Facebook. October 20, 2007. Details Details Nics Events. Digi-Key 2006 – 216. October 21, 2006. Details Noii. Mixed use learning space. July 11, 2007. License DetailsLicense Details One Laptop per Child. Papua New Guinea: Gaire #2. June 21, 2008. Details

35 End Show References All other photographs: Are used with the permission of OR Are the property of d70 focus. Computer Security. March 2, 2008. Details Salimfadhley. Film Piracy. Aug 27, 2007. Details Uncommon Depth. Copyright. Jan 17, 2009. Details

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