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Avaya IP Office Platform

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2 Avaya IP Office Platform
Полнофункциональное (Full Stack) решение для предприятия размером до абонентов Avaya IP Office Platform IP 500 V2 IP Office Server Edition IP Office Select Collaboration/Video Contact Center IP Office Contact Center Contact Center Select Avaya Video Collaboration Solution for IP Office (Avaya XT Embedded Server for IP Office, Avaya XT Endpoint with Embedded Server for IP Office) Mobility Avaya one-X® Mobile Avaya Flare® Experience UC, Mobility and Voice Security Networking Avaya SBCE Avaya Identity Engine Avaya ERS 3500 Series Avaya ERS 4800 Series Avaya 9100 WLAN Services

3 Call Sever, Applications, Management, Licensing
Сегодня: разворачивает решение емкостью до 3000 абонентов в центральном офисе Call Sever, Applications, Management, Licensing IP Office Manager Deploy as All-in-One Communication Solution (IPT+VM+AA+UC+CR) Integrated UC capabilities Centralized Management Centralized Licensing Investment Protection IPO Primary Server PSTN / PRI IPO500v2 Trunk Gateway

4 Завтра: расширяемся на 150 филиалов
Call Sever, Applications, Management, Licensing IP Office Manager Deploy Branch Gateways Add Licenses on HO System Protect Investment IPO Primary Server PSTN / PRI PSTN / PRI PSTN / PRI IPO500v2 Trunk Gateway IPO500v2 Trunk Gateway Head Office Distributed Branch

5 В будущем: собираем все под «зонтик» Aura
Avaya Aura® System Manager Centralized Management Data Center 1 Deploy Avaya AURA Add More Branches Consolidate Branches Protect Investment Applications CM (serving users in HQ and other sites) Centralized Trunking PSTN GW AURA SM SBC SIP SP VoIP-Ready WAN SIP SIP PSTN / PRI PSTN / PRI PSTN / PRI IPO500v2 Trunk Gateway IPO500v2 Trunk Gateway Distributed Branch Distributed Branch

6 Simplified Deployment
Avaya IPO SE в цифрах: IP Office Server Edition – R9.1 3000 Users across 150-Sites Licensed based Up to 500 Up to Voice Messaging ports Licensed based Gateway for Analog & Digital sets 3000 one-X ®Portal users Licensed based Up to 50 Note: 1st Release will accommodate up to 500 users per server for all IP configurations – 1,000 users requires two servers. Hybrid configurations support up to 384 digital or analog users via the IP Office 500v2 server as a gateway. Up to Receptionist Licensed based IP Telephony , Audio Conference Voice Messaging IM, Presence, PtP Video Web Collaboration Mobile UC Client Simplified Install Simplified Deployment

7 Функциональность различных типов абонентов
Choices Based On Job Function Also available: Receptionist Customer Service Agent Customer Service Supervisor Power User Office Worker Basic User IP Office User Solutions All user solutions, except for Receptionist, require Preferred Edition software of higher. Customer service agent and supervisor require Contact Center.

8 Телефонные аппараты IP Office
Premier, Flagship Hybrid Value-Based Telephony 1400 & 9500 Digital Sets 1600 IP Desk Phones 4, 8, and 16-button options Paper or paperless label options Lower energy requirements Same usability as IP Phones Key-System Like Operation Paper Button Labels 3, 8, and 16-button options H.323 IP Telephony 9600 IP Desk Phones Conference Phones Gigabit Ethernet with embedded switch* 3-button, 8-button, and touchscreen options Color display* H.323 or SIP Wireless H175 B100 Series Phones Avaya OmniSound Technology Super Wideband Audio Analog or IP Small to large conference rooms and executive suites DECT & Wi-Fi Sets Small to large coverage areas Standard and ruggedized options

9 Avaya Communicator – для Windows и iPAD
Intuitive Collaboration Solution Compact User Experience Voice, Video, IM, Presence Web Collaboration Contact Filtering TLS / SRTP Security Windows & iPAD Support Supported on Preferred Edition, Server Edition, and IP Office Select – Require Office Worker or Power User License

10 Sophisticated Mobile Collaboration
OneX Mobile Sophisticated Mobile Collaboration Voice over WiFi / 3G / 4G Meet-Me Audio Conf. Add/Delete Roster Contact Auto-Fallback VoIP to Mobile Geo Presence iOS & Android Support Supported on Preferred Edition, Server Edition, and IP Office Select – Require Power User License

11 Integrated Meet-Me Audio Conferencing
OneX Portal Integrated Meet-Me Audio Conferencing Web-Client, Call Control IM, Presence Meet Me Conferencing Add & Drop participants Web Collaboration Access via desktop, browser, tablet, smartphone Supported on Preferred Edition, Server Edition, and IP Office Select – Require Office Worker or Power User License

12 Интеграция с внешними приложениями
Embed Avaya UC in the applications you already use Supports popular applications Lync Outlook The capabilities you need IM/Presence* Click-to Call Directory integration *Note: IM/Presence supported with Outlook and Lync integrations Supported on Preferred Edition, Server Edition, and IP Office Select

13 Powerful Web Collaboration Solution
Integrates with IP Office Audio Conferencing Desktop/Application Collaboration Document sharing White Boarding Supported on Preferred Edition, Server Edition, and IP Office Select – Require Office Worker or Power User License

14 Территориально распределенная сеть
High-availability without high costs and complexities Every site has an automatic backup Active calls stay connected No idle hardware No additional licenses Location 2 Location 3 Location 4 Primary Server Secondary Headquarters Highly-Resilient Architecture

15 Avaya Contact Center Select
Derived from AACC Full, blended multichannel 10 to 250 agents Agents can be voice only, multichannel only or both! Single or multiple locations In the office Remote Inbound/Outbound/Call Back Supported globally Multilanguage (G14)

16 В каких случаях предлагать CM?
Тотальный SIP Емкость больше 2000 абонентов Большая нагрузка (BHCC > ) Горячее резервирование без остановки сервиса Поддержка COРМ Крупный контактный центр Наличие особых требований Web Collaboration и Messaging

17 Пример расчета (APL) Решение Стоимость на порт, $ 120 343
Аппаратная часть/ПО, $ Стоимость на порт, $ IP 500V2 R IP + 2E1 Office Worker 5000/31000 120 SE IP + 2E1 6000/37000 140 Aura IP + 2E1 Core 21000/82000 343 SE IP + 10E1 Power User 28000/625000 261 Aura IP + 10E1 (2000 Core Power) 87000/737000 330

18 Решение Avaya для Mid-Market
Unified Communications Video Broadest endpoint support Most flexible deployments Rich UC feature set Room, desktop, mobile Supports 3rd party devices Simple, affordable Security Networking Protects SIP trunks Secures remote endpoints Active packet inspection Automated provisioning Rich feature set 50% lower TCO

19 Схема стенда 3G/4G 104 Dmitry ERS 3510 Evgenyyy 105 107 Demo1 Snapp
101 Alice 102 Боб 103 Carl 106 Demo2

20 Схема стенда (мобильный вариант)
3G/4G 104 Dmitry 105 Evgenyyy George 107 103 Carl

21 План демонстрации Базовая телефония
Вызовы между абонентами разных типов Групповой вызов Голосовая почта: смена языка приветствия Запись вызовов с IP аппарата Авто секретарь – установка Мобильный клиента для IPAD Установка обратного вызова Статус Обмен мгновенными сообщениями Запись вызовов Организация и управление конференцией Гео-локация Windows PC клиент Видео-вызовы Web-конференция Расширение возможностей стационарного телефона Управление телефоном через Web


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