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Reconstruction Hall of… FAME! SHAME! or You Decide!

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1 Reconstruction Hall of… FAME! SHAME! or You Decide!

2 President Andrew Johnson
SHAME! 17th President following Lincoln’s assassination Congress did not like how easily he let Confederate states join the Union and that he vetoed Civil Rights bills Impeached for firing his Secretary of War, acquitted by one vote FAME!

3 Jonathan Jasper Wright
SHAME! African American lawyer South Carolina Supreme Court judge during Reconstruction Taught freed slaves through the American Missionary Society, legal adviser for the Freedmen’s Bureau FAME!

4 Davis Wasgatt Clark Methodist Bishop
SHAME! Methodist Bishop First president of the Freedmen’s Aid Society (created to provide education and housing to African Americans and the poor in the South) Became one of the most popular Methodist leaders during the Reconstruction Era FAME!

5 Hiram Revels First African American Senator in Congress
SHAME! First African American Senator in Congress Represented Mississippi during Reconstruction Ordained minister, excellent speaker Worked for equality for African Americans in Congress FAME!

6 William D. Kelley SHAME! Served in the House of Representatives for Pennsylvania Advocated for Civil Rights and Social Reform during Reconstruction Made famous speech against the slave trade Spoke up for voting rights for African Americans FAME!

7 John Wilkes Booth Actor, Southern Sympathizer
SHAME! Actor, Southern Sympathizer Assassinated President Lincoln at beginning of the Reconstruction Era Turmoil in country following assassination, Lincoln’s plan for a smooth transition for Confederacy gone! Shot and killed 12 days after Lincoln’s assassination. FAME!

8 President Ulysses S. Grant
SHAME! 18th President of the United States and Union General during Civil War Enforced Civil Rights laws and fought against Ku Klux Klan as president Much economic turmoil and many scandals during his presidency FAME!

9 Nathan Bedford Forrest
SHAME! Lieutenant General in Confederate Army First Grand Wizard of Ku Klux Klan, which terrorized African Americans and Republicans during Reconstruction Former planter and slave trader Accused of war crimes for massacre of Black Union army prisoners FAME!

10 The Final Vote SHAMERS FAMERS

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