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1 Company Success Language School presents:
Past Simple Headway Pre-Intermediate Unit 3

2 Use The Past Simple expresses a past action that is finished.
Susan phones her sister every day. Susan phoned her sister yesterday. phoned= Past Simple of phone The form of the Past Simple is the same in all persons

3 Spelling of regular verbs
The normal rule is to add –ed. work  worked start  started If the verbs ends in –e add –d live  lived like  liked If the verb has only one syllable and ends in a vowel and a consonant double the consonant and add –ed stop  stopped plan  planned Verbs end in a consonant and –y change to –ied study  studied carry  carried

4 Irregular verbs Some verbs have different Past Simple form. They don’t end in –ed. They are called irregular verbs. See the list on page 142. Here are some examples: present past simple past participle eat  ate  eaten go  went  gone see  saw  seen come  came  come buy  bought  bought get  got  got say  said  said read  read  read cut  cut  cut put  put  put

5 Sentences Positive Negative I He / She / It moved to London in 1985.
We You They moved went to London in 1985. Negative We use didn’t + infinitive (withouth to) in all persons didn’t move didn’t go to London.

6 Questions With question word Yes / No questions Did
We use did+ infinitive (withouth to) in all persons + infinitive (withouth to) in all persons When Where did I he / she / it we / you / they move? go? In 1985. To London Yes / No questions Did move go to London. Short answers: Yes, I did. No, she didn’t.

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