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Folktales, Myths, and Legends From Around the World.

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1 Folktales, Myths, and Legends From Around the World

2 1. You will obtain a passport. 2. You will travel to 7 destinations and examine tales from other cultures. 3. You will earn travel points both individually and within a travel group. 4. You will attempt to earn enough points to win a prize: most individual travel points in the class.

3 1.I can identify and explain the characteristics of folktales, myths, and legends. 2.I can discuss the themes and meanings of folktales from different countries. 3.I can compare and contrast similar folktales from different countries around the world. 4.I can create stories and pictures that show I understand the meaning of and purpose for folktales in our lives. 5.I can create mini projects that illustrate what I have learned on my travels. 6.I can try to appreciate other cultures by experiencing countries and backgrounds outside of my own.

4 Individual Winner The person in each class with the most travel points! 5 points for guessing destinations. 50 points for quizzes. 50 points for each individual project. 5 bonus points for projects that hang in the hall. 50 points for each group project Dont get too excited; you can also LOSE points. 5 point deductions for: disruptions off task conversations failure to work

5 Be the 1 st class to make it around the world and back to Wheeling, West Virginia!

6 A Most Amazing Race

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