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Web Applications, E-rate, Filtering West Virginia Department of Education Office of Technology June 2001.

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1 Web Applications, E-rate, Filtering West Virginia Department of Education Office of Technology June 2001

2 Federal Legislation Child Online Protection Act (COPA) COPA Commission Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Childrens Internet Protection Act (CIPA) Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act

3 E-rate Update CIPA – Childrens Internet Protection Act Program Year Four (PY4) September – national meeting in D.C. October – state meeting in Charleston Router maintenance CSU/DSU maintenance Basic Skills and SUCCESS Internet access fees to WVNET

4 T-1 Lines in WV K-12 108 high schools served 83 middle/junior high schools served 79 elementary schools served 26 vocational/technical schools served 18 county district buildings served 16 mixed grade level buildings served Total of 330 T-1 connections

5 Filtering Update CIPA - Childrens Internet Protection Act Still intend to filter at the two POPs State Purchasing RFP

6 WV Virtual School WV Virtual School contact: Donna Miller, WVDE/OTIS Tuesday morning sessions by Donna Proposed national legislation – TEACH - Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization Act –The intent is to extend fair use to online education –Passed the U.S. Senate on 6/7/2001

7 Policy 2460 WV State Board meeting on 6/14/2001 CIPA compliance and COPPA legislation Web accessibility Virtual School State schools: WVSDB, 9 institutional Will be posted on WVDE web site Comment period

8 ATM Connections Wayne County: Tolsia HS, Wayne HS, Spring Valley HS Kanawha County: Riverside HS, South Charleston HS, Capital HS Boone County: Scott HS, Sherman HS, Van Jr./Sr HS Mason County: Hanna HS Fayette County: Fayetteville HS

9 9 ATM Connections Pendleton County: Pendleton Co HS Ohio County: Wheeling Park HS Wetzel County: Magnolia HS Monongalia County: Morgantown HS Preston County: Preston Co Vo-Tech Multi-County: Roane-Jackson Technical Ctr

10 DNS and IP Addresses 168.216.x.x addresses will no longer be translated All local IP addresses should be the 10.x.x.x addresses DNS IP addresses will be changed in the fall to meet DNS zone guidelines

11 E-mail Accounts Web-based interface for access accounts to be announced soon Not to replace a POP3 client Use is for temporary access to e-mail, while on the road for instance Web-based solution does NOT automatically delete mail from the mail server in Morgantown

12 E-mail Accounts Continuation of the online data entry by school and county contacts for e-mail accounts Paper forms with original signatures still required All e-mail information is online

13 MarcoPolo Program Standards-based lesson plans for K-12 across all curriculum areas and web links to Internet resources Summer Training Schedule – Fall Training Schedule Gateway:

14 Reinventing Education All 55 counties involved in the project Instructional plans Technology integration strategies PT3 and Gear Up Contact Donna Landin, WVDE/OTIS

15 15 K-6 and 7-12 Initiatives SUCCESS already connects to the Internet Now BS/CE will also connect 100% of schools connected to the Internet 83% of classrooms connected to the Internet Over 58,000 computers connected to the Internet

16 16 Internet2 Internet2 is the human side and Abilene is the high-speed backbone Initially developed by Qwest, Cisco, Nortel, Indiana University, UCAID - 1996 Abilene runs at 2.4 gigabits per second, which is about 45,000 times faster than a typical modem 3-D experiences, virtual reality, multimedia, robotics

17 17 Internet2 K-20 project announced recently (CoSN, ISTE, Educause, SREB) Five state networks have joined: Michigan, Missouri, Oregon, Virginia, Washington Four other state networks expected to join soon: Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island WVNET, WVU and AEL testing in WV

18 Contact Information Office of Technology West Virginia Department of Education 1900 Kanawha Blvd, E, Bldg 6, Room 346 Charleston, WV 25305 (304) 558-0304

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