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AdditionSubtraction Multiplication Division Mixture 10 20 30 40 50.

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1 AdditionSubtraction Multiplication Division Mixture

2 What is the sum of $34.90 and $22.99 ?

3 You buy a shirt that costs $7.55 and a pair of socks for $2.59. What is the total amount?

4 At Best Buy, I bought two pair of ear buds for 9.99 each. How much did I spend?

5 At McDonalds you bought a single for $1.79 and fries for $1.45. How much did you spend?

6 Tom has $21 to spend. He wants to buy a book for $6.29, a CD for $12.99, and a pen for $1.69. Will he have enough money to buy all three items?

7 You buy an Arbys melt for $1.05 and pay with a $10 bill. How much change will you get?

8 Target has a CD for $15.85 and Walmart has the same CD for $ What is the difference in the prices?

9 You have $ Your brother has $5.00 less than you. How much money does your brother have?

10 Last week, your allowance of $12.00 decreased by $3.00 because you didnt clean your room. How much did you earn?

11 You have $ You buy an MP3 Player for $ How much change will you get?

12 3 friends each have $0.40 for milk. How much do they have all together?

13 A pack of gum costs $1.59. How much would 4 packs cost?

14 Target has a special on CDs. Buy two and get a third one for free. If the Cds are $9.00 each how much would 3 cost?

15 A maple tree grows about 5.45 meters a year. How much will it grow in 5 yrs.?

16 1 pound of tomatoes cost $1.29. How much would 2.5 pounds cost?

17 Four friends share a pizza that costs $ How much does each friend owe?

18 Sandy needs 0.5 pounds of strawberries to make a smoothie. How many smoothies can she make with 2.25 pounds of strawberries?

19 2 dozen oranges cost $2.64. How much is each orange?

20 A pack of 10 mechanical pencils cost $5.75. How much does each pencil cost?

21 A stack of paper measures 0.9 centimeters thick. Each piece of paper is 0.01 cm thick. How many pieces of paper are in the stack?

22 An order of french fries is $1.45. If you want to buy 3 orders, how much money will you need?

23 A 12 pack of Pepsi is $2.52. How much is each can?

24 A mint costs $0.02. How much would a roll of 10 mints cost?

25 At a baseball game you order nachos for $4.75 and a drink for $1.75. How much will you owe?

26 At one store an 18-speed bike costs $ At another store the same bike costs $ What is the difference in prices?

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