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Notable Events and People

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1 Notable Events and People
in Virginia History

2 Christopher Columbus Columbus spent some of his early years at his fathers trade. He weaved and later became a sailor on the Mediterranean ship. He stole from the rich and gave to the poor. He sailed on the Mayflower ship to go to England. Back then Christopher Columbus had to where white wigs.

3 George Mason He was a auther in 1725 –1792.
Thomas Jefferson called him the wisest man. He was the driving forces of the bill of rights he was the auther of the 1776 Virginia decletive of rights. James Madison praised Mason as a powerful resener.

4 James Madison James Madison was born in 1751.
Madison was brought up in Orange County, Virginia and attended Princeton. Virginia Constitution in 1776, severed in the Continental Congress. Napoleon pretended to comply. Late in 1810, Madison proclaimed non-intercourse with Great Britain. Dolly Madison was James Madison’s wife.

5 James Monroe Born in Westmoreland country
He joined the anti federalist He was are fifth president Monroe under took a goodwill tour at Boston Monroe accepted Adam’s advice

6 John Brown On March 23,1775 he give his speech “Give me liberty or give me death”. December 2,1859 was hanged. June 21,1820 John Brown marries Dianthe Lusk. May 1800 John Brown was born in Torrington, Connecticut. Then John Brown was in the Holy War. .

7 Appomattox Court House
Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House. There are 27 original 19th century structures on the site. The site also has the home and burial place of Joel Sweeney. The National Park encompasses about 1,800 acres of rolling hills. The site includes the McLean home.

8 Robert E. Lee Born in January 19 1807. Died in1870. He had a sister
His brother was light horse Harry Lee Lt. Lee was his father General lee was not an adviser. Lee was made a general in CSA Mr. Davis excepted them. He had a army. He was important.

9 Stonewall Jackson Born Jan. 21st 1824 Died May 10th 1863
In 1863 he joined the army. His nickname was Stonewall. Confederate general in Civil War.

10 BACON’S REBELLION One of the most intriguing things but confusing chapters of Jamestown. Went against the governors orders. He became a burgesses . He was arrested when he went to his seat. He became general of some Indians.

11 Battle of Manassas On a warm July day in 1861 two great armies of a divided nation clashed for the first time on the fields overlooking Bull Run These troops were 90 day volunteers summoned by Abraham Lincoln after the startling news of Fort Sumter Manassas National Battle Field Park was established in 1940 to preserve the scene of two major Civil war battles

12 James Armistead James was a slave He was general at Yorktown
He says that spies come from the most unlikely places He changed his name He was hired as a spy

13 Nat Turner He was born on October 2
He led one of the first important slave revolts His revolt helped to bring about the Civil war In his 20s Nat escaped slavery and returned one month later to free his people 6 days after his trial he was hung in Jamestown Virginia November

14 Abraham Lincoln November 6, 1860 Abraham Lincoln is elected 16th U.S. president. December 20, 1860 South Carolina secedes from the union. May 18,1860 Nominated to be the Republican candidate for president of the U.S. February 11, 1861 Lincoln gives a brief farewell to friends and supporters at Springfield and leaves by train for Washington. March 4, 1861 Inauguration ceremonies in Washington.President Lincoln delivers his first Inaugural Address.

15 Jim Crow Laws He wrote newspaper articles. Jim Crow Laws had a museum.
1880s-1960s a majority of American states enforced through “Jim Crow” Laws (so called after a black character in minstrel shows). Laws that enforced racial segregation in the V.S. south between 1877s and 1950’s Southern legislation passed laws requiring segregation of whites and “persons of color“, on public transportation.

16 Arthur Ashe Born July 10,1993 Died February 6,1993 Marred Jeanne Marie
Born in New York Won a N C A A championship

17 Lawrence Douglas Wilder
Laurence Douglas Wilder (1931) was the first African American in the united states to be elected governor of a state. In 1985 Laurence Douglas Wilder was elected lieutenant governor. Four years later he became elected governor of Virginia. Wilder was the first black member of the Senate of Virginia in the twentieth century. For a brief time in 1991 Wilder was candidate for the Democratic Nomination for president of the United States.

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