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Created by Terri Street Copyright, 2000 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 15 10 5 3 2 1.

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2 Created by Terri Street Copyright, 2000


4 Click to return to question, Cont-P to switch to the pen, cross out two incorrect answers, then Cont-A to switch back to pointer.

5 Click to return to the question and poll the class

6 Click on link to Ask Jeeves, or click on this oval to return to question and ask a friend

7 C. November B. October A. May D. January Which month is Veterans Day in?

8 Back to Board C. November

9 C. 8 A D divided by 8 =

10 Back to Board A. 7

11 A. flu to Florida. C. flied to Florida. B. flew to Florida. B. flew to Florida. D. as it is In the sentence Henry flu to florida. The correct way to write flu to florida is-

12 Back to Board B. flew to Florida

13 A. boating C. flight B. landed D. lightly Which word has the same ending sound as lighting?

14 Back to Board A. boating

15 A. pulley C. inclined plane D. wheel and axle B. screw Which simple machine is a inclined plane wrapped around a post?

16 Back to Board B. Screw

17 A. oldest to youngest C. largest to smallest B. Fastest to slowest D. best to worst Cow - wolf - cat - frog How are the animal above listed?

18 Back to Board C. Largest to smallest

19 A. 340 B. 300 C. 350 D. 400 What is 345 rounded to the nearest 10?

20 Back to Board C. 350

21 A. condensation C. evaporation C. evaporation B. precipitation B. precipitation D. melting D. melting Mary spilled her water in the morning. When she came back in the afternoon it was gone. What happened?

22 Back to Board C. Evaporation

23 A. He is A. He is C. He has C. He has Hes been to Idaho. Hes is a contraction for - D. He would D. He would B. He was B. He was

24 Back to Board C. He has

25 Which word is a synonym for big? A. bigger C. round B. small D. large

26 Back to Board D. large

27 A. 52 What is the next number in this pattern 64, 61, 58, 55 ? C. 50 B. 51 D. 57

28 Back to Board A. 52

29 B. Richmond What is the capital of Virginia? A. Harrisonburg C. Washington, D.C. D. Jamestown

30 Back to Board B. Richmond

31 C. Mushroom C. Mushroom Which of the following is a decomposer? A. Plant B. Predator B. Predator D. Food Chain

32 Back to Board C. Mushroom

33 C. milk out? Who left the milk out In this sentence milk out should be written - A. milk out. D. Milk out? B. as it is

34 Back to Board C. milk out?

35 C. Mr. Imbrescia C. Mr. Imbrescia Of the following who is the best looking? A. Mr. Mongold A. Mr. Mongold D. Mr. Mitchell B. Mr. Moran

36 Back to Board C. Mr. Imbrescia!

37 Sorry, try again!

38 Thanks for playing!

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