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Created by Terri Street Copyright, 2000 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 15 10 5 3 2 1.

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2 Created by Terri Street Copyright, 2000


4 Click to return to question, Cont-P to switch to the pen, cross out two incorrect answers, then Cont-A to switch back to pointer.

5 Click to return to the question and poll the class

6 Click on link to Ask Jeeves, or click on this oval to return to question and ask a friend

7 C. migration B. camouflage A. hibernation D. life cycles Birds fly south for the winter. This is an example of what?

8 Back to Board C. Migration

9 C. 49 A D divided by 7 =

10 Back to Board A. 6

11 A. Steve is friends with Rob, Todd. C. Steve is friends with Rob and Todd. B. Steve is friends with Todd B. Steve is friends with Todd and friends with Rob too. D. Todd and Rob are both friends of Steve, they are friends. Steve is friends with Rob. Steve is Friends with Todd. What is the best way to combine these sentences?

12 Back to Board B. Steve is friends with Rob and Todd.

13 A. climbed C. trade B. trying D. friends Which word has the same ending sound as tried?

14 Back to Board A. climbed

15 A. are all born in the country. C. have the same goods D. all celebrate the same holidays. B. practice diverse customs People in the United States -

16 Back to Board B. Practice diverse customs

17 A. fires C. floods B. earthquakes D. volvanoes Which of these carries away the most soil?

18 Back to Board C. floods

19 A. 460 B. 450 C. 560 D people went to the game on time. 184 people got there late. How many people were at the game?

20 Back to Board C. 560

21 A. bus driver C. hammer C. hammer B. coal B. coal D. teacher D. teacher Which is a capital resource?

22 Back to Board C. hammer

23 A. san francisco, california A. san francisco, california C. San Francisco, California C. San Francisco, California Justin lives in San Francisco california. San Francisco califorina should be written - D. as it is D. as it is B. San Francisco California B. San Francisco California

24 Back to Board C. San Francisco, California

25 Which word is an antonym for the word nice? A. nicest C. friendly B. kind D. mean

26 Back to Board D. mean

27 A. 430 What is 432 rounded to the nearest 10? C. 420 B. 440 D. 400

28 Back to Board A. 430

29 B. A silver spoon Which of these is attracted to a magnet? A. A copper penny C. An iron nail aluminum pan

30 Back to Board B. An iron nail

31 C. hibernation C. hibernation Which of the following is a behavioral adaptation? A. camouflage B. mimicry B. mimicry D. poisonous

32 Back to Board C. Hibernation

33 C. toe Shoe - Foot - Toe - Leg Which word comes last in alphabetical order? A. shoe D. leg B. foot

34 Back to Board C. toe

35 C. flew C. flew Which word is a verb? A. racecar A. racecar D. boat B. beautiful

36 Back to Board C. flew

37 Sorry, try again!

38 Thanks for playing!

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