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13 Colonies Mountain View Elementary School Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801.

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2 13 Colonies Mountain View Elementary School Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801

3 The New England Colonies Massachusetts (Maine) New Hampshire Rhode Island Connecticut Massachusetts Picture Credit: 98/america/colonization/colonies-ne/ne-intro.html

4 Reasons for coming to the USA. l Some people didnt like the Church of England. l They wanted the Church to be more pure. These people were called Puritans. l They decided to start a colony in the North East part of the USA.

5 Settling in Massachusetts l John Winthrop was the leader of the Puritans. l Massachusetts means at or near the great hill in Algonkian, Native American language. l The colonys first settlement was Boston along the Charles River. Picture Credit:

6 Colonial Life l Massachusetts and Connecticut had laws saying that if there were 50 families, a teacher needed to be hired and a school setup. l These schools were called grammar or writing schools.grammar or writing schools. Picture Credit:

7 Schools l Boys went to grammar schools while girls went to dame school. l There was no chalkboards, maps, or paper. l School teachers were strict and were allowed to hit their students or make them wear a dunce hat.

8 Thomas Hooker l He left Massachusetts to live in Connecticut because he didnt like the way the Puritans lived. l IN 1639,Connecticut had the FIRST WRITTEN LAWS IN NORTH AMERICA.

9 Roger Williams l Roger Williams believed you should tolerate other peoples beliefs in God. l He left Massachusetts and started a colony, Providence. Picture Credit: history/0003.html

10 Anne Hutchinson l Anne Hutchinson was a woman who believed you could go directly to God so you could pray to God without going through a priest. l She moved to Providence with Roger Williams and started the Rhode Island Colony. Picture Credit: features_hutchison.html

11 Life in the Colonies l The Puritans had their own laws for Courtship. Courtship.

12 Middle Colonies l The Middle colonies included: l New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE), l and Pennsylvania (PA). Picture Credit: NY NJ DE PA

13 Climate l Good farming land (grains) Livestock, rivers and hills. Harbors. Picture Credit: Lan_Farm_Trust.htm

14 People Groups l People came from Germany, Scotland & Ireland. l -Quakers (plain living, peaceful, against slavery and dancing) l -Germans (Pennsylvania Dutch, skilled workers and loved music). l -Scotch-Irish farmed and hunted. Picture Credit: celtic.html

15 Interesting Facts about Middle Colonies l -Called Breadbasket of Colonial America. The farmers raised a surplus so they could sell. l -Germans invented Pennsylvania rifle & Conestoga wagon. l -Philadelphia means brotherly love. Picture Credit: nmah/carriage.htm

16 William Penn l -William Penn owned Pennsylvania and made it a place for religious freedom. Picture Credit:

17 Southern Colonies The Southern Colonies included: Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC), and Georgia (GA). MD VA NC SC GA

18 Southern Colonies Climate l Rich land, plenty of rain & a long growing season. Coastal plains, swamps, forests, harbors. Picture Credit: cogent/gallery.htm

19 People Groups l -Maryland was a safe place for Roman Catholics. l -South Carolina settled by French. l -Georgia founded by Oglethorpe for new start for debtors in England. Picture Credit: bhand/usergroups.html

20 Interesting Facts about Southern Colonies l -Planters duties to see that crops were planted, records kept, took care of everyone. l -Slavery was necessary for Southern plantation. l The cash crop for Virginia was Tobacco. Picture Credit: website.htm

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