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SOL Jeopardy Water CycleClouds Weather Vocab Weather Tools Wild Weather 400 200 600 800 1000 200 400 600 800 1000 200 400 600 800 1000 200 400 600 800.

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3 SOL Jeopardy Water CycleClouds Weather Vocab Weather Tools Wild Weather

4 B. Evaporation A. Condensation C. Precipitation D. Conservation Water that falls from the sky

5 Water that falls from the sky is called precipitation. Bonus Jeopardy

6 Answer Click to record $200

7 The process of water changing into an invisible gas called water vapor B. Condensation D. Rain, sleet, snow C. Precipitation A. Evaporation

8 Evaporation Bonus Jeopardy

9 Answer Click to record $400

10 The process of water vapor turning into water droplets B. Condensation D. Formation C. Precipitation A. Evaporation

11 Condensation Bonus Jeopardy

12 Wow! Youre good! Answer Click to record $600

13 Clouds are formed in what process? B. Condensation C. Evaporation D. Water vapor A. Precipitation

14 Condensation Bonus Jeopardy

15 Answer Click to record $800

16 Which form of precipitation begins in air that is above 32 F but falls through a layer of air that is colder? B. Rain C. Snow D. Hail A. Sleet

17 Sleet Bonus Jeopardy

18 Answer Click to record $1000

19 Clouds are formed during which part of the water cycle? A. Condensation D. Humidity C. Evaporation B. Precipitation

20 Condensation Bonus Jeopardy

21 AnswerRIGHT! When youre RIGHT, youre RIGHT! Click to record $200

22 A. cumulus Gray clouds that cover the lower part of the sky; rain or sleet fall from them D. cumulonimbus C. cirrus B. stratus

23 Stratus Clouds Bonus Jeopardy

24 Answer Genuis! That is what it is sheer genius! Click to record $400

25 White, puffy clouds that look like piles of cotton; they are known as fair- weather clouds. A. cumulonimbus D. cumulus C. stratus B. cirrus

26 Cumulus Clouds Bonus Jeopardy

27 Answer You just outsmarted me! Click to record $600

28 Thin, feathery clouds that appear high in the sky; they are a sign that rain or snow is on the way. A. cumulus D. cumulonimbus C. stratus B. cirrus

29 Cirrus Clouds Bonus Jeopardy

30 Answer Click to record $800

31 Tall, dark clouds that mean thunderstorms with heavy rain and strong winds A. Cumulonimbus D. cirrus C. stratus B. cumulus

32 Cumulonimbus Bonus Jeopardy

33 Answer Click to record $1000

34 A Meteorologist Scientist who study weather D Weatherologist C Biologist B Astronomer

35 Meteorologist Bonus Jeopardy

36 Answer Click to record $200

37 Boundary that separates two air masses A. Low D. High C. Front B. Back

38 Front Bonus Jeopardy

39 Answer Youre bouncing along well! Click to record $400

40 A. Water vapor Large area of air that has the same temperature and humidity B. Air pressure C. Front D. Air mass

41 Air mass Bonus Jeopardy

42 Answer Click to record $600

43 Scientific predictions of weather A. Good guess B. Forecast D. Data C. Meteor shower

44 Forecast Bonus Jeopardy

45 Answer You are so lucky! Click to record $800

46 Part of Earths atmosphere where weather happens A. meteorsphere B. thermosphere D. Ozone layer C. troposphere

47 troposphere Bonus Jeopardy

48 Answer Click to record $1000

49 A. anemometer B. hydrometer C. thermometer D. Wind vane Instrument that measures temperature

50 thermometer Bonus Jeopardy

51 Answer Click to record $200

52 Instrument that measures precipitation A. anemometer B. Rain gauge C. barometer D. Wind vane

53 Rain Gauge Bonus Jeopardy

54 Answer Click to record $400

55 Instrument that measures air pressure A. barometer B. hydrometer C. thermometer D. anemometer

56 Barometer Bonus Jeopardy

57 Answer Click to record $600

58 Instrument that measures wind speed A. Hydrometer B. Thermometer C. Anemometer D. Barometer

59 Anemometer Bonus Jeopardy

60 Answer I hope children never loose their sense of wonder and peace! Click to record $800

61 Instrument that measures humidity A. thermometer B. barometer C. anemometer D. hydrometer

62 hydrometer Bonus Jeopardy

63 Answer Click to record $1000

64 Where do tornadoes usually form? A. Over flat land B. Over the ocean C. In the mountains D. In the forest

65 Over land Bonus Jeopardy

66 Answer What a pickle! I am getting so many questions correct! Click to record $200

67 A. Over land B. Over water C. In the mountains D in the forest Where do hurricanes usually form?

68 Over water Bonus Jeopardy

69 Answer Click to record $400

70 Big storms form over which kind of pressure system? A. Low pressure B.High pressure C. Soft pressure D Hard pressure

71 Low pressure Bonus Jeopardy

72 Answer Click to record $600

73 Precipitation that is formed by up and down air currents A. Rain B. Hail C. Sleet D. Snow

74 Hail Bonus Jeopardy

75 Answer Click to record $800

76 Storms that have the most powerful winds (reaching 300 mph) A. Blizzard B. Hurricane C. Tornado D. Thunderstorm

77 Tornado Bonus Jeopardy

78 Answer Click to record $1000

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