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Word Chapter 2 Review. MLA and APA Two styles used today for documenting references.

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1 Word Chapter 2 Review

2 MLA and APA Two styles used today for documenting references

3 Writer’s Last Name Precedes the page number on each page

4 Author’s Last Name In what order are Works Cited sources listed?

5 In-text parenthetical citations Type of citations MLA uses

6 NO Does MLA require a title page?

7 Double Space Line spacing required for MLA

8 Like Paragraphs How are footnotes to be formatted?

9 Line Spacing Defined as the amount of vertical space between lines of text

10 Automatic (or soft) The type of page break that Word automatically recomputes when you add text, delete text, or modify text

11 Keyboard Which is more efficient to use to format text when fingers are on the keys?—the mouse or the keyboard?

12 YES Can you add words to AutoCorrect?

13 Click and Type When double-clicking a blank area of the page, the insertion point is moved to that location. What is this feature called?

14 First-Line Indent Indent style used for all paragraphs in MLA format

15 Paragraph What is selected when you triple-click inside the text?

16 Review In which Tab is the Spelling & Grammar button located?

17 Home In which Tab are the Find and Replace buttons located?

18 CTRL + 2 Keyboard shortcut for double spacing

19 Insert In which Tab is the Header button located?

20 Top Which triangle in the ruler is dragged to set first-line indent?

21 CTRL + L Keyboard shortcut for left align

22 Pasting Defined as copying an item from the clipboard

23 Manual Page Break Same as a hard page break

24 Horizontal Which ruler is at the top of the window?

25 Home In which Tab is the Line Spacing button located?

26 Works Cited Defined as a list of sources that are referenced in an MLA paper

27 Underlined (or Italicized) How are titles of sources written?

28 Superscript Note Marker Signals an explanatory note exists

29 1 inch Margins required for MLA

30 Footnote Defined as an explanatory note at the bottom of the page

31 AutoCorrect Defined as a list of predefined typing, spelling, capitalization and grammar errors that Word can detect and correct

32 Words Word count displays the number of lines, characters, paragraphs, and ___.

33 Synonyms Defined as words similar in meaning

34 1.15 Default line spacing amount

35 CTRL + E Shortcut keys to center

36 Drag-and-Drop Type of editing when selected text is moved to a new location by dragging it

37 Thesaurus Defined as a book of synonyms

38 Undo Click this button to NOT keep an AutoCorrect change

39 CTRL To select a sentence, hold this key while clicking the sentence

40 Left Indent The small square on the horizontal ruler

41 Hanging Indent The bottom triangle on the left side of the horizontal ruler

42 References In which Tab is the Insert Citation button located?

43 Hard (or Manual) A page break that you insert to force the insertion point to a new page

44 Header Defined as text that prints at the top of each page

45 Clipboard Defined as the temporary storage area where cut/copied text is placed

46 Vertical Scroll Bar Where is the View Ruler button located?

47 Home In which Tab are Styles located?

48 Paste Options This button displays after dragging- and-dropping text

49 Home In which Tab are alignment buttons located?

50 CTRL + Z Keyboard shortcut for Undo

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